5 Superpowers All Parents Have

Mar 23rd 2016

Father with son parental superpowers

Because we already know that all parents have eyes in the backs of her heads.

It goes without saying that parents obtain certain “super powers” once that special little one is born. Here are some of the powers I acquired trying to keep track of two of my own:

1. Super-sonic sound recognition

Parents’ super-sonic sound recognition works in two ways. First of all, I learned I can hear sounds at nearly any distance and all hours of the night. If the boys step out of bed past bedtime or sneak into the cookie jar, my ears perk up and I have a rough idea of what my gremlins are up to.

Super-sonic sound recognition also applies to the different noises children make. Some of the babysitters we’ve hired have had a hard time figuring out what to do when one of the boys (or both!) started crying. They checked diapers, tried to feed them, took their temperature to make sure they weren’t getting sick, but nothing seemed work.

Usually, the cries were because it was story time and we forgot to tip off the babysitter. (Terrible on our part.) It was part of our routine and we could tell the difference between a “story time” cry and an “I’m hungry” cry. Like most parents, my husband and I can determine what’s the matter based on the time of day and the sound of the crying.

2. Muscles and reflexes

No one wants to admit it, but let’s be honest: we’ve all had a near slip with our babies in our arms. Between juggling the stroller, a diaper bag, the car keys, and the baby, it becomes quite the balancing act.

Quick reflexes were probably the most enlightening part about being a mother. Every time one of them reached for the toothpaste to redecorate our bathroom, I’m usually just quick enough to snatch the tube out of their little hands prior to Crest becoming our new wall color.

3. Snack attack

Super parents know how to make a snack out of anything. Handful of pretzels and chocolate hazelnut dip? Done. A few crackers from the back of the pantry? Perfect, because when you are chasing around rambunctious little ones, you’ve got to embrace the on-the-go lifestyle (and yes, that includes meal and snack times).

4. Multitasking mania

Parents are master multitaskers. When I’ve had one of the boys in diaper change mode and the other was sick in his room, I found myself instinctively creating effective ways to care for both of them even if I was short on time and my better half was running late…, again.

Caring for kids is no simple task as they require assistance with or supervision throughout most of their routines every single day. Every mom and dad deserves applause for the ability to balance the needs of your children in seamless patterns.

5. Making fun time at any time

All parents know how to make any moment a fun moment. Whether that means you’ll cut their PB & J into silly shapes or you’ll drop the spring cleaning for a touch of fun in the sun, you know when it’s time to get loose and silly before your bundles of energy burst!

One of the best ways to do that is by planning a family fun night. Try a backyard relay race or a jumping competition on your outdoor trampoline! Whatever ways you want to have fun, we have faith in you! It is one of your super powers, after all. Want more ideas about family fun time? Let us know and we’ll set you up with more than a few options!