5 Benefits of Gymnastic Exercises for Children

Aug 3rd 2016

Child performing gymnastics

From strength to mental focus, this sport has a serious impact on development

As parents, we do everything we can to care for our kids. We watch what foods they’re ingesting and see to it that they live an active, healthy lifestyle. And what better way for them to get exercise than through fun activities they’re bound to love, like tumbling or gymnastics? For anyone thinking about enrolling their children in gymnastics classes or even just picking up a few warm ups to prepare for other sports, here are some of the biggest benefits for children:

1. Strength building

 Yes, we’ll be watching the big games this summer — and we think it’s pretty safe to say that gymnasts tend to have some of the most body strength for their size, even compared to other competitors. Out of the world’s greatest athletes, gymnasts boast what almost seems to be inhuman, incomprehensible strength. It’s truly impressive to watch them take the stage as they contort their bodies and show the tremendous control they have in moving them. And even if our kids never wind up as a world-class competitor, the strength benefits of practicing gymnastics will stick with them for a lifetime.

2. Exercise and cardio

 Sadly, today’s children face the dangers of obesity at higher rates than ever before. Now is our chance to take a stand, making sure our kids receive the exercise they need to stay healthy. Gymnastics is a great outlet. While a lot of this exercise is going to build strength, training also develops cardiovascular endurance. Take a mini trampoline, for example. Training on a trampoline burns more calories in 30 minutes than running for the same interval. It’s good for the mind, heart, and body!

3. Improved agility and coordination

 Depending on their age, many children are still developing and improving their essential motor skills. Thanks to the types of movements and skills practiced in gymnastics, kids who are enrolled in a program are most likely going to develop these abilities at an accelerated pace.

4. Flexibility

 According to the Mayo Clinic, “Better flexibility may improve your performance in physical activities or decrease your risk of injuries by helping your joints move through their full range of motion and enabling your muscles to work most effectively. Stretching also increases blood flow to the muscle.” That’s proof enough for us! The flexibility inherent to gymnastics is a key benefit for healthy development.

5. Improved focus in school

 We were surprised to learn that gymnastics could actually help our little ones in school. CBS Miami reports that “local moms have shared the differences they’ve seen in their kids school work since they started gymnastics. Tiny gymnasts gain strength, balance and improve coordination and gross motor skills by running, tumbling, and swinging through the air. Now, studies show the physical skills also lead to mental acuity as well improving brain efficiency.”

 Knowing that the benefits extend to mental development and success in school makes us take gymnastics even more seriously than before!

Get started training your kids in gymnastics

 Now is the time to get the kids started with this amazing sport. And one of the best tools for training is a large and bouncy outdoor trampoline. Check out our selection and get your little ones tumbling today!