4 Ways to Keep Kids Cool While In The Sun

4 Ways to Keep Kids Cool While In The Sun

Jun 28th 2017

It may be hot out there, but that doesn’t mean outdoor playtime has to be cut short

With summer in full swing, this means your children are (hopefully) spending more time outside. And while it is always good to get kids away from the TV and all other devices for a while so they can enjoy some fresh air, it is important to be aware of the rising temperatures. So everyone can have a fun and safe summer, here are a few cool ideas to think about:

Use the shade

 While the sun can be harsh, you probably have a few nice shady spots in your yard. Find the best one and put down a picnic blanket, along with toys, coloring books, or anything else that will keep the kiddies entertained. If you don’t have a good shady area, a big patio umbrella will let you create one.

Keep everyone hydrated

 Even if the heat isn’t scorching, it can be easy for children to get dehydrated. And while water is always good, your kids will be much more likely to get the hydration they need if what you offer is a little more fun. Popsicles – either store bought or  your own – are always welcome. You could also make some lemonade or smoothies or cut up a watermelon.

Have a frozen shirt contest

 Here’s a fun idea: The night before, take a shirt from each kid, soak them with water, wring the water out, and fold them. Put wax paper between each shirt, and then put them in the freezer. The next day, you’ll have some pretty stiff shirts. Hand them out to the participants and the game can begin: The quickest to get into his or her frozen shirt is the winner.

Get wet

 Water is an excellent way for everyone to keep cool, and there are tons of ways to use it. A kiddie pool can be fun, and even just setting up a sprinkler to run through can work. You may also want to get some water pistols or fill up some water balloons for a fun fight or create a  DIY slip and slide. Even just washing the car (or their bikes) will let your kids cool off. And if you have a trampoline, a mist system will drastically reduce the temperature so more time can be spent bouncing.

 In most places around the U.S., this summer is expected to be a particularly hot one, but the above ideas can help your kids stay cool no matter how high the mercury rises.

 Do you have other fun ways to beat the heat? Let us know!