4 Tips To Create A Family Backyard Paradise

Jul 20th 2016

Child playing soccer with family

Because there’s got to be a happy medium between your child’s dream play area and Margaritaville

We’re big proponents of family fun time. Spending more time with loved ones is a great way to bond, and it’s an important component to any strong family’s routine. And no matter the age of the children, there are lots of ways we can think of to get that back yard in shape as the perfect gathering spot for all members, big and small. Here are some ideas:

1. Build an adults-only deck

We think it’s important to have a clean, organized, and beautiful place to hang out with our friends when the weather is nice. What better option than our own backyard? But the problem with this is that kids can tend to take over the entire space like little conquerors, claiming every square foot for themselves. That’s why we think it’s okay (well, practically necessary) to section off a small adults-only area. Whether it’s a deck around the pool or just outside the door, go big. Set up a pretty bar area, invest in a nice set of patio furniture, and grab a gas fire place. Paradise is only a few feet away.

2. Let the kids have a play area too

Marking off our own space means we need to give the kids their own spot, too. And we’re not talking something you can both use, like a pool. We mean a (generally) kids-only, adult-free zone, like a spacious new tree fort or a trendy teepee bungalow — which is a great way to spark a conversation about the historical significance of teepees in our country’s history (hey, there are learning moments hidden everywhere).

3. Make room for family games

While it can be nice to have our own separate spaces from our kids, we know there needs to be some common ground, too. Looking for ways to feel closer as a family while teaching the little ones how to adapt to missing shots, and even losing? We like to grab a few family games and go to town in the backyard. Between bocce ball, corn hole, ladder ball, and even the classics like volleyball, kickball, and a pick-up game of soccer, there’s endless fun to be had together.

4. Go for the gold with a brand new trampoline

There’s just something about trampolines that bring together people of all ages. And because JumpSport trampolines are top of the line in quality and safety, they’re the best option to choose for your family. Take a look at our safety features and wide range of backyard options. And if you’re thinking about investing in a backyard trampoline to amplify the family fun, contact us at 888-567-5867 today!