4 Tips for Stargazing in Your Backyard

Nov 30th 2016

Father and son getting the best backyard views while stargazing

Calling all stargazers: here’s how to get the best backyard views around

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. As Americans, we all need to get outside a little more often than we do. By our society’s standards, it’s perfectly acceptable to spend the entire day cooped up inside, playing video games, and binging on the newest Netflix series. Sure, we all like to spend a night in every now and then—it’s good for your mental health and allows bonding time with you family, friends, fur baby, or simply with yourself. But it’s equally as important to get outside, get fresh air, and experience the world in a new way.

 One of our favorite places to experience the great outdoors is in our own backyard. It’s safe, comfortable, and close to everything we need that can be found in the shed or right back inside the house. And one of our favorite things to do once we’re out there? Check out the stars.

 Stargazing can be a magically humbling experience. Realizing how tiny we are on the giant planet tucked away in the corner of an even larger solar system and galaxy—it’s mind blowing! And taking the time to appreciate just how vast space is can be a very important practice. Here are some tips to make your experience better than ever:

1. Get a telescope

 This one nearly goes without saying, but a telescope can really bring your stargazing from average to out of this world! You’ll get a close-up shot of the moon, any comets or meteors shooting by, and you might even be able to see one of the satellites orbiting our planet. Not to mention, you’ll get to check out the other planets, too.

2. Make sure the coast is clear

 If you’re wondering why you can’t quite see enough stars—with or without a telescope—you might want to check out the light pollution in your neighborhood. Streetlights, porch lights, and lights inside can all contribute to lower visibility. Do your part and turn off your lights for a clearer view of what’s out there! And check the weather before your go out for extra clarity.

3. Download a stargazing app

 Studying and knowing the solar systems is a pretty cool talent—and it’s a unique talent, at that. We don’t know a ton of people who can point out stars or constellations beyond the Big Dipper or Orion.

 But even if you don’t have the time or the drive to learn the planets, stars, and constellations before the next time you decide to stargaze, you can still find new ways to identify what’s out there. Thanks to technology, that is.

 We love a good stargazing app. It identifies constellations, stars, planets, other galaxies, and anything else you can imagine up there. It’s an exciting (and admittedly addicting) way to check out outer space right from your own yard.

4. Scope out your stargazing spot

 The best stargazing spot is somewhere that everyone can lay together, facing the sky. It needs to be cozy — and something with a little give is a lot more comfortable than laying directly on the damp grass or a hard driveway. Our favorite way to stargaze is from our trampoline—they’re not just for fun during the daytime! We love to lay on the stretchy, bouncy surface, looking up at the endlessness of the skies above. Talk about a multi-purpose investment.

 Thinking about getting your own trampoline? Check out our selection of large, backyard trampolines so you can start planning the perfect stargazing night—and have tons of fun during the day, too!