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JumpSport Fitness Trampolines & The Doctors TV Show:
Putting fun into back into fitness

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San Jose, CA Feb 27, 2015 — JumpSport Fitness Trampolines was happy to lend a hand to the Emmy Award-winning, syndicated series The Doctors TV Show to help their studio and at-home audience members put fun back into their fitness routines by participating in the Word of the Day Giveaway on the episode that aired February 26, 2015. "By making workouts fun you will find you will have more motivation to JUMP out of bed," said Dr. Travis as the audience realized JUMP was the Word of the Day. When the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline was revealed to the audience members the excitement was palpable.

Dr. Travis started the segment by saying "I always say don’t make exercise chore, do yourself a favor learn how to make workouts fun." The exercise routine someone is most likely to stay with is simply the one that they will do. After announcing each audience member would be receiving a JumpSport Fitness Model 220 Fitness Trampoline, Dr. Rachael kicked off her shoes started bouncing, immediately smiling saying "Can you imagine? Look how fun it is!"

"We are the choice for family fitness fun to help people realize their family's health goals and maintain those choices," said Mark Publicover, CEO of JumpSport. "We are proud to put the fun back into fitness."

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JumpSport is a family-owned and family-focused company founded in 1997 by Mark and Valerie Publicover. After their 3 kids experienced several fall-off accidents on their trampoline, Mark invented the trampoline safety net that now protects millions of bouncing kids around the world. Today, JumpSport distributes its top-rated safety trampolines, trampoline basketball goals, and its JumpSport® Fitness Trampolines worldwide at fitness clubs and retailers like Amazon and Costco. JumpSport's award-winning iBounce™ Kids Trampoline is focused on the important connection between physical activity and learning development in children.

With over 25 patented safety and game innovations, JumpSport continues to create playful, active and educational products for kids and adults of all ages.

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