JumpSport Signs Up Over 400 Gymnastic
Centers as JumpCourt Dealers


SARATOGA, Calif.—December 8, 1997 JumpSport, LLC announced today it has signed up over 400 gymnastics training centers across the country as dealers for JumpSport's JumpCourt line of products. The JumpCourt is a safety enclosure that fits on round/octagonal trampolines and helps to dramatically reduce injuries by protecting jumpers from falling off their trampoline. Gymnastics training centers have grown in popularity since the success of the US Gymnastics Team at the 1996 Summer Olympics at Atlanta, GA.

According to JumpSport's founder, Mark Publicover, "We feel Gymnastic Training Centers are an excellent place to market our products because they promote safety by properly training their members under careful professional supervision. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports there are over 83,000 trampoline related injuries in the U.S. each year. Adding the JumpCourt safety enclosure to the home trampoline will have a significant improvement in these numbers because 80% of trampoline injuries are incurred by falling off the trampoline."

Publicover further commented, "During 1998, we will be increasing our marketing efforts at Gymnastic Training Centers by promoting parents to send their children to the centers for basic trampoline safety training. Our Trampoline Safety Kit (available nationally in spring 1998) contains a coupon for 1 hour of instruction at participating Gymnastic Training Centers across the U.S."

According to the national USA Gymnastics organization, there are currently nearly 100,000 individuals registered at USAG member gymnastic clubs. Trampolines are frequently used in gymnastics training because they allow the gymnast to practice aerial routines with less effort and thus get many more repetitions before tiring. Home trampolines have also been increasing in popularity over the past few years. Industry surveys estimate that over 600,000 trampolines are sold each year in the U.S. JumpSport research indicates that a very high percentage of gymnasts currently own a home trampoline.

The JumpCourt is a safety net enclosure which surrounds trampolines to prevent children and adults from falling off. The product brings safety and peace of mind to the backyard where trampolines are growing in popularity. The JumpCourt attaches to standard 10' to 14' trampolines with a system of flexible padded poles and netting to give 360 degrees of protection to anyone jumping on a trampoline. The netting extends for 6 feet above the trampoline bed to prevent an unexpected ejection from the trampoline. Together, the netting and poles flex in a manner which can withstand an impact of over 800 foot pounds of energy.