Bounce Into Shape
JumpSport's New JumpCourt A Safe,
Effective & Fun Workout Kids Like


The statistics are startling and disturbing: 4.7 million children aged 6-17 were overweight in 1991, up 15% in just ten years; 98% of 7-12 year olds have at least one risk factor (high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, excess body fat) for heart disease. Fewer than one in four children get 30 minutes of any type of physical activity - moderate or vigorous - every day.

Professor William Kish, Chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Nutrition Committee, calls this youthful trend toward inactivity and obesity "an epidemic." And because physical fitness carries so many ancillary benefits - a reduction in the risk of illness and injury, and the promotion of academic performance, leadership and positive behavior, exercise is critical.

But with so many sedentary hobbies competing for their time - television, video games, the Internet - how do you get kids off the couch and back in shape?

"Numerous studies confirm that physically active students perform notably better on exams than less active children," states Dr. Carla Hannaford in her acclaimed book Smart Moves. "It is essential to the learning process to allow children to explore every aspect of movement and balance."

Well, the answer could be just a hop, skip and a jump away - the backyard trampoline - which combines an invigorating aerobic workout with a bouncing good time. And with JumpSport's new JumpCourt, the first ever safety enclosure and game court, trampolines are now a safe way for kids of all ages to get fit.

"Safety was my first priority," explains JumpSport founder Mark Publicover about his exciting new product. "Parents want their children to be active without risking serious injury." The JumpCourt addresses that concern with an innovative safety net system designed to catch falling jumpers and safely direct them back onto the trampoline.

But it's important for the activity to be fun, as well. "If you say the word exercise to a kid, too often they think of running laps around the track or doing calisthenics," Publicover states.

The JumpCourt tackles that potential stumbling block, as well. In addition to its inherent safety benefits, JumpSport created the GamePak™ and AirJam™ basketball accessories that take full advantage of the springy fun JumpCourt adds to trampoline activities.

Today's overweight kids are tomorrow's unhealthy adults. Reversing this "couch potato" syndrome among the young will give them a better shot at longer, healthier, and happier lives.

JumpSport's new JumpCourt, currently nominated for the prestigious SGMA's 1998 Sports Product of the Year, could very well make a giant leap toward getting our kids back in shape.