Jumping Into Safety... Father Knows Best


SARATOGA, CA—April, 1998 Trampoline sales have dramatically increased in recent years, and so have the number of injuries that accompany this activity. In 1995 alone, 83,000 American children were hurt in trampoline accidents.

Mark Publicover, a concerned father who learned that up to 80% of those injuries occurred as a result of falling off the trampoline, decided to do something about it. Father does indeed know best.

Publicover created JumpSportTM's new JumpCourtTM a safety net enclosure and game court that surrounds the trampoline to prevent children and adults from falling off.

"My own children and their friends have suffered several spills," states Publicover, who comes from family of entrepreneurs. "I knew there had to be a safer way for kids to enjoy the tremendous fitness benefits of the trampoline.

"Designed to eliminate the injuries associated with falling off trampolines, the JumpCourt is engineered to catch jumpers and direct them back toward the center of the trampoline. JumpCourt's netting distributes the force of the impact across the entire fence and prevents kids from hitting the ground. It easily attaches to virtually all standard 10' to 14' round trampolines - offering 360 degrees of protection.

In addition to its inherent safety benefits, a collection of 20 different games have been developed to take full advantage of the springy fun JumpCourt adds to trampoline activities - including volleyball and basketball. With these accessories and a little imagination, families will be able to create their own fun and games.

One of five remaining finalists for The 1998 SGMA Sports Products of the Year, and featured in the New Products Showcase at the National Sporting Goods Association World Expo, the JumpCourt has opened up the trampoline market to safety conscious parents who have been reluctant to buy in the past. It has earned the endorsement of such esteemed experts as Professor Richard Blankenbecker, Stanford University Physicist and Mark Young, coach for gymnastic Olympic Gold Medallist, Amy Chow.

Publicover closed his successful contracting business two years ago to dedicate himself to JumpSport - a company with a mission to bring safety and fun to trampolining.That devotion has paid off... for everyone. The company is experiencing rapid growth, and its products are bringing peace of mind to countless parents and their bouncy offspring!