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Kidsday Loves JumpSport Trampolines

Published July 5th, 2009
Newsday Staff Writer
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A life-size game board? Check us in! That's what you will be saying when you hear about the Jump2It GameMat. Not only is it a game mat that fits on your trampoline, but it includes 22 games, game cards, a basketball hoop, six balls, four bungee cords, chalk and more. While you are having fun, you also can be learning. Some games include adding, subtracting, multiplying, telling time and other number work.

Our class tested this product, and we all agreed it was totally awesome for kids. Only one kid is allowed on the trampoline at a time, but it is worth the wait. Even though only one kid can be on the jumping pad, many games include large groups of kids participating, because they have to throw the ball from one side to the other. Some of our favorite games were jumbo jacks, keep out, and around the world.

We had tons of fun on the trampoline game board. We recommend it to kids 6 and older.

About JumpSport, Inc.
JumpSport is the leading provider of trampoline safety net enclosures and safety-engineered trampolines. Founded in 1997 when CEO Mark Publicover invented and patented the world's first trampoline safety net enclosure, JumpSport today has incorporated into its products more than 25 safety innovations, based on five patents/patents-pending, that are designed to help eliminate the causes of trampoline injury. JumpSport lets families and kids enjoy the great health and fitness benefits of trampoline exercise with the assurance of knowing they are using the industry's safest trampolines. www.jumpsport.com

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