Our Bounce Technologies

AlleyOOP has Technology Behind It’s Bounce

The main difference with our springs quality is the bounce. They are softer springs so they stretch farther when you bounce, which results in a smoother rebound that is spread out over a greater distance.

Softer springs experience more stress when they are stretched, so a higher quality steel material must be used to withstand this stress. Other trampoline companies use softer springs with lower quality steel which can permanently deform when used.

Our high performance springs not only last longer but they feel better.

Double Bounce

Superior Bounce AirShock Safety / Ideal for Multiple Jumpers / Smooth Rebound Performance / Enhanced Shock Absorption / PowerBounce option for More Bounce


Double the fun, double the safety. It’s bound to happen —your kids and their friends are all going to want to pile on at the same time (though we don’t recommend it; it’s safer to fly solo). Thankfully, our flagship AlleyOOP DoubleBounce™ 14’ trampoline reduces the risk of injury with a 50% softer landing than other trampolines while offering a super-springy bounce —plus our Triple-Fail-Safe Safety Enclosure for peace of mind.

The tried and true for backyard fun. A blend of our legendary DoubleBounce technology with optimal safety and durability, this trampoline will transform your backyard into a community hub.

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Power Bounce

Boosts Bounce Performance / Ideal for advanced or heavier Jumpers / Smooth Rebound Performance / Increases weight rating and safety / Customize Bounce with 3 performance settings


The optional PowerBounce upgrade adds a second row of springs to your existing trampoline to boost bounce performance, add three levels of adjustability, and increase the weight rating. PowerBounce elevates the performance spectrum for athletic or larger jumpers and improves the perimeter bounce.

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Variable Bounce

Better shock absorption/ Noticeably Superior Bounce / Proprietary PianoSprings / Increased individual weight rating and safety / Smoother Landing and Rebound


The AlleyOOP® Sports VariableBounce trampoline uses triangular steel V-rings around the edge of the jumping mat for attaching the springs to the mat. VariableBounce technology alternates long and short V-rings around the mat. Half the springs are attached to the short V-Rings and engage immediately. The remaining springs are attached to the long V-Rings and engage a fraction of a second later. This provides for a more forgiving landing without loss of bounce performance.

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Airshock Technology

Airshock Technology

Reduce your risk with the safest bounce. Our AirShock™ Technology makes for the smoothest rebound if multiple jumpers are bouncing at the same time. A secondary jumping mat is positioned 8" below the primary mat creating a giant air pillow that forms a shock-absorption zone, reduces risk of injury, and provides a comfortable bounce.