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Your JumpSport trampoline has a far longer warranty than any other trampoline brand, so over the years you’ll save money, feel more at peace, lower your environmental footprint, and have more time for your family!

Fail-Safe Guarantee

The best trampoline warranty for your peace of mind

When you buy directly from, you automatically are enrolled for our exclusive Fail-Safe Guarantee that extends the warranty on your enclosure net and the jumping mat. See details below.

Your trampoline warranty

Our warranties are unmatched in the trampoline industry at every price point. We can do this because we use the highest quality materials and have extensive quality control measures. Watch out for short 30 or 90 day warranties from low-cost companies as their products may quickly deteriorate. Each component of a trampoline lasts longer than others and so we apply a warranty for each in the following categories: steel frame & poles, springs, jumping mat fabric, mat stitching/strapping, trampoline pad, enclosure net.

A JumpSport or AlleyOOP Sports trampoline warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship on all of the components of your trampoline system, and is extended exclusively to the original retail purchaser. This warranty also does not cover any problem that is caused by abuse, misuse, commercial or public use, ordinary wear and tear, weathering, acts of God (such as wind and lightning), failure to follow directions, improper installation, improper maintenance, or any silk screened graphics. Our standard warranty is available on the last page of every manual listed on our Manuals page.
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JumpSport Trampoline Frame Warranties

JumpSport SkyBounce: 1 year
JumpSport SkyBounce ES: 2 years
JumpSport SkyBounce XPS: 3 years
JumpSport Classic Trampoline Systems: 10 year pro-rated
JumpSport Elite Trampoline Systems: 15 years
AlleyOOP Sports Trampoline Systems: Lifetime

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Fail-Safe Guarantee Extended Warranty

Our exclusive Fail-Safe Guarantee is an extension of your existing warranty periods on the enclosure nets and jumping mats for original purchasers who buy directly from or if you register your trampoline with us within one year from date of purchase. To qualify for this guarantee, you must complete annual safety and maintenance checkups and, when needed, complete minor maintenance or repairs as described below.

Just like a car that needs new tires and brakes to perform safely, outdoor products like trampolines need annual checkups. Your kids will love the fun and fitness of their trampoline, so it will see heavy use throughout their growing years.

  1. Inspect the following trampoline parts to see they are properly attached, secured, and adjusted: Straps, Bungees, Connectors, Ball end caps, Frame pad, Springs, Frame pieces
  2. If any part is excessively worn, whether under warranty or not, it must be replaced.

How long does the Fail-Safe Guarantee Last?

So long as you follow the maintenance requirements listed above, and register your trampoline or purchase it directly on, your standard warranty on your JumpSport or AlleyOOP trampoline enclosure net and jumping mat will be extended to the following total number of years:

JumpSport SkyBounce: 1 year
JumpSport SkyBounce ES: 2 years
JumpSport SkyBounce XPS: 3 years
JumpSport Classic Trampoline Systems: 5 years
JumpSport Elite Trampoline Systems: 7 years
AlleyOOP Sports Trampoline Systems: 10 years

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JumpSport created to test and compare the most common trampoline brands on the market. The results showed us that low-priced and some high-priced trampolines can easily become unsafe and cost more per year because so many parts would need to be replaced, compared with the unmatched warranties of JumpSport and AlleyOOP trampolines.

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