Tabata Interval Training

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Tabata Interval Training


Tabata Interval Training

Let’s face it, by the end of the day after work, school, or carpool; time set aside for exercise or a good workout at the gym is minimal at best. Tabata Interval Training could be your answer for a fat blasting workout in a short period of time.

Tabata Interval Training seems like a new kid on the block but timed workouts have been around for years. Sprinting and quick exercises separated by periods of rest are typical in athletics like track or football to increase cardiovascular recovery time. It also shocks the body to react like in CrossFit or Circuit training.

How does a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline fit into tabata interval training?

Tabata Interval Training is perfect for a fitness trampoline workout. Rebounding boosts metabolism and raises the heart rate quickly just like Tabata making an optimal workout in a short period of time. Doing high intensity quick intervals burns a lot of calories both during the workout as well as hours after. The benefit of adding the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline is that you are able to gain the benefits of rebounding along with a lower impact on the joints. For example, running in place at a high intensity on a Fitness Trampoline is much more comfortable than on pavement.

JumpSport master trainer Abbie Appel explores Tabata workouts in the frontal, tranverse and saggital planes targeting specific muscle groups. She also uses high intensity Tabata Interval Training for working the upper and lower body all while using a JumpSport fitness trampoline. Visit Circuit & Strength training featuring Plyometric exercises, and Yoga & Balance inspired videos to see how a fitness rebounder can BOUNCE you back into shape!

Note: Tabata Interval Training is an intense workout. It is something to work up to so if you are just starting out, pace yourself accordingly… and have fun!


Use a Stopwatch App for Interval training!


High Intensity Videos

High Intensity- Tabata Style: High Knee Jogs & Push Ups. After a quick 1 min jog get ready to switch off between high knees; down to push ups, and right back up to high knees, etc for 4 minutes of 2 standard moves that will give you a cardio-core workout.

High Intensity- Tabata Style: Fast Feet & Tricep Dips. Get ready for 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work at a high intensity. Alternate between fast feet and down to tricep dips on the edge of the fitness trampoline; alternating back and forth. Follow along with Abbie for this complete muscle toning workout!

High Intensity- Athletic Style: Lower Body & Reactive Drills using the PlyoFit adapter. Spend 3 minutes on lower body work with 2 minutes of that on your fitness trampoline and 1 minute on the JumpSport PlyoFit. This Tabata Interval Training drill will increase coordination, agility, strength, and muscle.

High Intensity- Althletic Style: Lower Body & Reactive Stability Drills using the JumpSport Pro Series trampoline and PlyoFit adapter. Gain enhanced strength, balance, agility, and coordination switching from the JumpSport fitness trampoline to the JumpSport PlyoFit.

High Intensity- Tabata Style: Sagittal Plane- Targeted movements from front to back on the trampoline working core muscle groups. Start with 30 second warm-up jog; bracing through your core. Bump it up to a more intense, yet controlled jog. Recover with a light bounce and transition straight into a high-jump tuck and a high intensity level. Alternating between high intensity to recovery rests will help boost the metabolism for all day.

High Intensity- Tabata Style: Frontal Plane- Engage muscles on the outside of the body that are responsible for lateral movement including our hips and obliques. Jog in place from side to side to prep for the workout and warm up the body. When you’ve set your timer app, start more intense side to side movement, stabilizing the body each time for 40 seconds. Use a recovery bounce and transition to high jumps side to side on the trampoline for 30 seconds. Keep watching with Abbie and Shannon to get the full workout.

High Intensity- Tabata Style: Transverse Plane- Movements in this video will rotate the body. Using the JumpSport fitness trampoline for this specific exercise will make the landings safer and more comfortable.

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