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5 Things we Love... Jeff's list!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 10:39am

#1. The best money I EVER spent. The guy told me my kids would love it, but he was underselling how MUCH they love our trampoline. I saw on Ellen Degeneres that this was the safest one made - so it's the one I bought.

Made by AlleyOop Sports.
Link is ... www.JumpSport.com

#2. Skinny cow - My favorites - the mint ice cream sandwiches and the fudgesicles. See all of them here ... www.skinnycow.com

#3. Crosswords - I know this makes me seem like I'm 100 years old, but I LOVE doing crosswords. We started on the USA Today Crossword. It gets harder as the week goes on, and you can print it out free here...

#4. Church - Here's what I said on the air. Some of you might get tired of me talking about this on the air, but I think I have a fresh take on this. I think a lot of people think of going to church as something old school that was for your parents' generation. I LOVE going to church every Sunday and what it does for my life. So, if you haven't been to see what is going on in churches today, it is NOT your parents' church! Just try for a Sunday or two. I especially think it can make all the difference in your kids' lives, and you sort of owe it to them to try. Here's a link to mine, but there's a church in your neighborhood where you won't feel out of place the first week, and I think you'll be so glad you read this. www.canyonhills.org

#5. ADD...It's something Jeff thought he'd NEVER talk about on the show. But he did. Listen to the audio here. And for those of you who've written, here's a link to the book that the listener emailed Jeff about, and a link to a website with more information.
More info .. http://www.add.org/