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Jump the lbs. and Stress Away!

Did you know that jumping on a trampoline is one of the best forms of exercise there is? It is a unique, low-impact exercise that allows you to relieve stress and lose pounds in one of the most efficient ways possible. Jumping on a trampoline can be done anywhere—even in front of the TV (if you have a mini-trampoline). And anyone can do it—it's not just for kids or athletic people.

What is so great about trampoline exercise?

First of all, it is aerobic

That means it strengthens the heart and enhances respiratory and circulatory efficiency, two main objectives of any good fitness program. Many doctors, fitness experts, coaches, and even NASA astronauts—who use it to counteract the effects of weightlessness and say it is "one of the most effective and efficient forms of exercise yet devised by man"—recommend it. That's a pretty strong endorsement from people who generally know what they are talking about! Trampoline exercise is also low impact. It is easy on the knees and other joints and does not cause undue muscle strain or stress.

Second, it is an extremely efficient way to burn calories

It burns more calories than jogging, for example, for the same amount of time spent. Some people find this hard to believe since they feel more tired after an hour of jogging than after an hour of trampoline jumping.

According to the experts, what accounts for this phenomenon? There are a few key factors:

  • Jogging, especially on hard surfaces, puts much more stress on your body/joints and generates much higher peak stress loads than trampolining. So jogging makes your body feel weaker, more tired, and take longer to recover.

  • The jarring stresses absorbed by your body while jogging are repeated over and over again on the same stress-points in the body, so these stress-points become disproportionately fatigued. The human body is designed to function naturally in a free, open, unpredictable, and constantly changing environment. To illustrate: while running through a wild mountain field, no two strides are the same. Every stride is unique as you shift and move your body to maintain your balance and navigate the terrain. Today modern man usually runs on flat, linear roads and thus moves in a very linear, repetitive manner; the modern work and exercise world is full of repetitive motions. In contrast, jumping on a trampoline is a non-linear form of exercise, more like running through the wild mountain field. To maintain your balance while jumping, you must constantly adjust your center of gravity by moving and shifting your body position. You never land in exactly the same way, which means your body absorbs the landing energy a little differently each time. That's good for you and your body!

  • The forces of acceleration and deceleration caused by the trampoline's springs, are unmatched at increasing the flow rate of your lymphatic system, causing your body to cleanse itself more efficiently, leaving you feeling more refreshed. Bouncing strengthens every muscle, organ, tissue, bone and cell. You'll lose weight, increase your metabolism, improve coordination and balance, lower your cholesterol, and have more energy.

    Third, it is a lot of fun

    Last, but not least, trampoline exercise is fun and relaxing, and doesn't even feel like hard work. You don't need any special skills or training and you can do it anytime, anywhere, whenever it fits into your schedule. There is no need to travel to the gym, sign up for classes, or pay a personal trainer. Wow! The best exercise devised by man also saves you time and money!

    Your investment in a trampoline or mini-trampoline could be the best thing you ever did for your health and well-being.