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Wellness Trampoline Bundle

Wellness Trampoline Bundle


The JumpSport Fitness Wellness Trampoline Bundle is a perfect pairing of our top selling model 250 with handpicked accessories to help you on your journey towards better health. 

The bundle includes:

  • Limited edition Dune Grass colored custom painted frame 
  • 35.5" jumping surface with NEW enhanced lay-flat padded petal mat to provide extra cushion for stretching, meditation, or yoga flow sessions.
  • 30 elastic cords create a quiet, cushioned bounce.
  • Dry Brush by Primally Pure, to help invigorate the lymph system
  • 9" exercise ball that offers a wide range of uses

Tailor your wellness or workout routine to focus on lymphatic drain, daily movement, stress relief, or to simply offer an energizing activity as you transition to your next task. This fitness trampoline bundle offers fun, new, and invigorating ways to incorporate selfcare, exercise, and a daily boost of energy into your health and wellness routine.


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