Trampoline Necessity Pack

Trampoline Necessity Pack
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Save $15 – Trampoline Necessity Pack Includes:

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Trampoline Ladder

  • 2 Step Ladder fits the JumpSport StagedBounce, JumpSport PowerBounce, JumpSport Elite (all sizes), AlleyOOP 10', 12', and 14', and AlleyOOP PowerBounce 10', 12', 14' trampolines. It will also fit most other trampolines between 33" and 37" tall.
  • 3 Step Ladder fits the AlleyOOP DoubleBounce, DoubleBounce PowerBounce, and JumpSport or AlleyOOP 10'×17' trampolines. It will also fit most other trampolines over 37" up to 41" tall.

Anchor Kit

  • 4 large, heavy-duty "cork-screws" twist into the ground. A sturdy strap secures to each cork-screw and attaches to the frame of the trampoline. When properly installed, the trampoline will be divided into 4 equal sections to evenly distribute the tension and safely secure your trampoline and enclosure to the ground.
  • Helps prevent strong winds from moving/flipping your trampoline. (Damage to the trampoline/enclosure caused by wind is not covered by warranty. Protect your investment.)

Weather Cover

  • The ONLY weather cover you can use without removing your JumpSport or AlleyOOP Sports safety enclosure
  • Easy to use one-piece design uses Velcro®-like material and buckles to secure to the trampoline. Lays across bed of trampoline and easily installs around each of the enclosure poles.
  • Protects your trampoline bed and safety pad against harmful UV rays
  • Made of Heavy-Duty PVC-Coated Polyester - the same material used with many Outdoor Marine Canvas and Commercial Awnings
  • Keeps leaves and other debris off of trampoline
  • Choose your size: 12' or 14' round trampoline frames with 4 U-legs - Designed to exclusively fit only JumpSport or AlleyOOP products.
  • Simple and Complete
  • All Components - 90 Days

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