Trampoline Necessity Pack

Trampoline Necessity Pack

What's included: Trampoline Necessity Pack

Trampoline Ladder!

  • 2 Step Ladder fits the Economy, SoftBounce™, StagedBounce™ (all sizes), JumpSport® PowerBounce™ (all sizes), JumpSport Elite (all sizes), JumpSport Elite PowerBounce, VariableBounce™ (all sizes), and AlleyOOP® PowerBounce trampolines (all sizes). It will also fit most other trampolines between 33" and 37" tall.
  • 3 Step Ladder fits the DoubleBounce™, DoubleBounce PowerBounce, and 10'×17' trampolines. It will also fit most other trampolines over 37" up to 41" tall.

Anchor Kit!

  • 4 large, heavy-duty "cork-screws" twist into the ground. A sturdy strap secures to each cork-screw and attaches to the frame of the trampoline. When properly installed, the trampoline will be divided into 4 equal sections to evenly distribute the tension and safely secure your trampoline and enclosure to the ground.
  • Helps prevent strong winds from moving/flipping your trampoline. (Damage to the trampoline/enclosure caused by wind is not covered by warranty. Protect your investment!)

Weather Cover!

  • The ONLY weather cover you can use without removing your JumpSport or AlleyOOP Sports safety enclosure!
  • Easy to use one-piece design uses Velcro®-like material and buckles to secure to the trampoline. Lays across bed of trampoline and easily installs around each of the enclosure poles.
  • Protects your trampoline bed and safety pad against harmful UV rays
  • Made of Heavy-Duty PVC-Coated Polyester - the same material used with many Outdoor Marine Canvas and Commercial Awnings!
  • Keeps leaves and other debris off of trampoline
  • Choose your size: JumpSport or AlleyOOP 10'×17' Rectangular, or 12' or 14' round trampoline frames with 4 U-legs.
Warranty Information
  • Simple and Complete
  • All Components - 90 Days