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ProFlex Basketball Refresh Bundle (Hoop, Net, Hardware, Ball)

ProFlex Basketball Refresh Bundle (Hoop, Net, Hardware, Ball)
  • Freshen up your Trampoline Basketball Hoop with NEW hardware.
  • Kit includes: Cushioned hoop, net, Heavy-duty ProFlex springs, sturdy attaching hardware, & new ball.
  • Features four strong ProFlex springs where hoop mounts to backboard to withstand more vigorous play.
  • Replacement hardware sets for either our JumpSport ProFlexTrampoline Basketball & AlleyOOP ProFlex Trampoline Basketball Sets. Will not work with other products.

  • Compatible as an upgrade to our original AirJam Basketball Set. 
  • Backboard and Elite Adapter NOT included.


Warranty Information
  • Simple and Complete
  • All Components - 90 Days

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