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Outback Trampoline Tent

Outback Trampoline Tent
  • Reinforced lush green and beige material and zippers!
  • GIANT! 11' across, 5.5' tall.
  • 3 windows & 1 door with screens and zippers--like a real tent!
  • Designed to work ONLY with 12’ – 14’ JumpSport® or AlleyOOP® Trampoline Safety Enclosure Net.

AlleyOOP Sports Outback Tent

The AlleyOOP Outback Tent is Giant! Use it as a Trampoline Bounce House or Have a Backyard Campout!

  • FREE Shipping!
  • GIANT! 11' Across, 5.5' High
  • Patent Pending No-Pole Safety Design.
  • 3 Windows & 1 Door with Screens & Zippers
  • Quick & Easy 3 minute Install
Warranty Information
  • Simple and Complete
  • All Components - 90 Days

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