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Trampoline Net Strap Kit - Short (set of 8)

Net Strap Kit – Short (set of 8)


Net Strap Kit — SHORT (Set of 8)

Elite: These short net straps secure JumpSport Elite enclosure nets to the top of the poles, and at the bottom of the net through the pads to the trampoline frame (between each set of poles). 2 of these kits (Sets of 8) are required to replace all 16 short straps.

JumpSport & AlleyOOP: These short net straps secure the bottom of the enclosure nets where the enclosure pole meets the circular frame. This kit is required for use with the easy-up redesigned replacement AlleyOOP nets manufactured pre-2017. This easy-up design is compatible, as replacement net option, with the JumpSport 280/380/480 safety enclosure. View the instruction manual with short strap installation (on page 5) here


All components - 90 days

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