Bungee Button/T-anchor kit, (set of 16)

Bungee Button/T-anchor kit, (set of 16)
Button Bungee T-anchor Kit (Full set of 16)
These button bungee T-anchors pass through the frame pad to secure the bottom of the net to the top of the pad, and help secure the pad to the trampoline frame.

Includes 16 button bungee T-anchors with attached plastic tee, and 32 (2 per bungee) black buttons (discs) for securing the bungees to the frame pads
Fits all JumpSport frame pads that already have these bungees installed through the padding.
PLEASE CALL if you need button bungee T-anchors for a JumpSport Elite frame pad, 10' x 17' frame pad, or if you aren't sure what type of pad you have.
Warranty Information
All components - 90 days