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What’s the difference between round and rectangle trampolines?

From every day recreational fun to athletic excellence there is the right trampoline for each family. What are the main differences between round and rectangle trampolines? Performance, Use, Safety, and Price.

Rectangle Trampoline vs Round Trampoline


Rectangle trampolines have 3 landing sweet spots that give you optimal bounce while absorbing your rebound and can hold a weight limit of up to 350lbs. Round trampolines have a single landing sweet spot in the center where the rebound is most forgiving. The weight limit on various round trampolines range from 200 - 300lbs.


Rectangle trampolines are designed for both aspiring and professional athletes as well as growing families. Most often gymnasts, G-Tramp aerialists, divers, snowsport, and parkour athletes like the elongated space to implement a series of aerials or stunts at once. Round trampolines are best suited for recreational backyard use in the smaller sizes. Larger 14’+ round trampolines are also best for larger or adult jumpers and offer space for aspiring aerialists to practice single stunts typically.


Safe trampoline use requires participation from both kids and adults to abide by the safe use advisory notice. There are recommendations on what size, shape, and brand but we have found the combination of a fail-safe safety enclosure system combined with the responsibility code offers the safest foundation for trampoline use, regardless of size or shape.

In saying that, it is advised that rectangle trampolines are designed for more mature and experienced jumpers therefore there are more options for where to jump on the trampoline bed and when. Experienced jumpers are aware of the risks and understand the safety warnings. Round trampolines offer a more focused, single space to bounce and with the JumpSport DoubleBounce system and extra mat to cushion landings even more in the case of beginner bouncers or multiple jumpers.

Know the Code

Never mind which trampoline you’ve got, the Trampoline Responsibility Code is recommended for all of us:

Never have more than one person jumping on a trampoline. Multiple jumpers may be fun but are also one of the most common reasons for accidents to happen.

Never let novice jumpers or children on a trampoline without supervision.

Always use a safety enclosure. JumpSport is the first and only company to offer the Triple-Fail-Safe Safety Enclosure System on all our trampolines.

Always do a full inspection of your trampoline integrity. Check the trampoline mat, poles, net, springs, and trampoline frame for possible cracks, wear and tear. If you need to replace any of the parts, replace them and only then continue to use it.


Rectangle trampolines are simply more expensive due to their shape and need for added support. Round trampolines are naturally stronger due to the circular frame and relatively easier for manufacturers to build which in turn lowers the price to consumers.

So what kind of trampoline are you?