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World’s Bounciest Rectangle Trampoline

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Lifetime Warranty On AlleyOOP Trampoline Frames

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In a marketplace saturated with lower-quality, potentially dangerous trampolines and nets that quickly break down and become landfill clutter, AlleyOOP and JumpSport trampolines deliver the safest, highest-performing, most durable trampolines available. We’re a family-run business, and we always put customers first.

AlleyOOP Rectangle Trampoline
Powerbounce Rectangle Trampoline

AlleyOOP 10' × 17' Rectangle Trampoline


SUPERIOR bounce: Black PianoSprings
Add more power with PowerBounce
Easy-up, Triple-Fail-Safe Net

Lifetime Frame Warranty
JumpSport Logo Product
Classic Rectangle Trampoline

JumpSport Classic 10' × 17' Rectangle Trampoline


OPTIMAL bounce: Pro-Stretch Springs
Triple-Fail-Safe Net
Black Frame, Blue Pad

10 year Pro-Rated Frame Warranty

The AlleyOOP Effect

Trampolines are more than just a fun way to get fit—they’re a way of life. Backyard trampolines are community hubs that draw families and neighborhoods together. Young kids, parents, G-Trampers, Parkour practitioners, and athletes of all levels find their wings on our trampolines. We believe in pushing boundaries and exploring new limits while always putting safety first.

The AlleyOOP & JumpSport Difference

All trampoline springs are not created equal. Professionals choose AlleyOOP + JumpSport for our proprietary PianoSprings and Pro-Stretch Springs, which deliver the biggest, best bounce around—bar none. The AlleyOOP PianoSprings are made of tempered, high-carbon steel piano wire and the JumpSport Pro-Stretch Springs are made of high tensile-strength silver wire—both coupled with a tapered, wide barrel design, our springs stretch significantly longer than the lower-quality steel springs used in most standard trampolines. Each one of our springs is engineered for maximum bounce and durability, while cushioning landings.

Only the biggest, safest bounce will do? Add PowerBounce—a customizable second layer of springs attached to a jumping mat that you can fine-tune to three power settings. Rated #1 by kids on YouTube, our exclusive PowerBounce technology gives you “the world’s bounciest trampoline,” and can be added at any time to any AlleyOOP, Elite, or Classic trampoline. Popular YouTubers in the garden trampoline (G-tramp) and flipping communities report over and over again that the AlleyOOP by JumpSport trampolines offer the biggest and best bounce.

Adult jumpers welcome! Aside from the high weight ratings, the corner leg design and the 40” height help prevent bottom-outs during higher intensity bounces.

Forget rust and rail twisting—this heavy-duty double-reinforced double truss frame is made of rugged, cold rolled steel with “DD” SureLok joints that withstand wear and tear. The textured jet black and hunter green powder coated finish and galvanization process provides years of protection against rain, sun, sleet, and snow.

Simply put, there’s no safer trampoline system available today. Period. Our patented Triple-Fail-Safe safety enclosure keeps millions of kids around the world safe every day—and has for nearly 20 years. Our motto is Safety First, and we believe family fun should come without risk. Our comprehensive safety system keeps kids secure with: 100% Secure Overlapping Doorway, High-Impact Netting, and Ultra Durable Backup Systems.

Landings never felt so smooth. Alternating v-ring lengths allow springs to engage at different stages, making for a cleaner rebound and enhanced performance. Better shock absorption = better bounce (and a smoother feel in the event of an awkward landing). Jumpers report an immediate difference in side by side comparisons while jumping on other brand trampolines.


AlleyOOP Trampoline Safety - JumpSport

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