PowerBounce Trampolines

How do I bounce higher on my trampoline?

  1. Don't cross your springs! Though more bouncy in the short term, it damages your springs quickly and actually reduces the efficiency of each spring. Physics says that keeping springs in line with the direction of the bounce fully utilizes a springs potential. 
  2. Double bouncing requires the skill of a friend and can be dangerous for you both. #NDB
  3. Tower bounce may have big results, but is also highly dangerous. Leave that up to the trampoline parks, not your backyard. #NTB
  4. Replace your springs. Every trampoline is different and you'll need to make sure the size spring you use is right for your frame and mat size.
  5. Use the highest quality springs. AlleyOOP black springs are made from music wire and have more elasticity than any silver spring. #AOPower
  6. Add more springs with PowerBounce. Our patented design adds an additional layer of springs that bounces you higher and prevents you from bottoming out. #PowerBounce

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