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StagedBounce 14' Trampoline with Enclosure

StagedBounce 14' Trampoline with Enclosure

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  • Safe, fun, & high quality performance the entire family will love!
  • 14' diameter.
  • Features StagedBounce technology; as your kids grow, so will their bounce.
  • Spring configuration designed to increase safety and reduce risk of injury for a softer landing and smoother rebound.
  • Our triple fail safe system creating a net that is reactive to your kids play; straps and bungees at each pole makes it when the jumper goes into the net
  • 1.5" thick poles that are covered with foam and UV treated blue PVC matching the striking blue of the trampoline pad.
  • Rated for 240 lb jumpers!

StagedBounce Features

With patented StagedBounce™ technology, 50% of the springs engage immediately, 50% engage a fraction of a second later making the trampoline mat safer, more forgiving, for a low-impact workout with a great bounce.

The StagedBounce and other JumpSport models are the first and only trampolines designed to reduce the risk of injury on the jumping surface, where more than half of all trampoline injuries occur.


  • Engineered for Safety with our Patented StagedBounce Technology
  • Offers exceptional bounce performance
  • Thick, blue Frame Pad made up of EPE closed cell foam with a strong PVC outer covering
  • Heavy-Duty frame made from Cold Rolled Steel that is 1.75" in diameter
  • Tough jet-black Powder Coat Finish


"We feel so much better now that the kids and their friends are protected!"
- Parents of 3

  • Patented Triple-fail-safe™ design is engineered to provide "back up" support systems to hold the net in place — a very important combination of safety features not offered by others.
  • Patented Top Strap prevents net collapse, 3 to 8 times stronger than JumpKing and Hedstrom bungee connections that easily collapse and can rip out during an impact. (See live demo.)
  • Patented Overlapping Entry: There's nothing to open or close, just slip through the overlap and you're in! JumpKing, Variflex, Hedstrom use a door flap design, which kids leave open, exposing them to fall off accidents.
  • Patented shock-absorbing Ball-Caps at pole tops; JumpKing, Hedstrom offer no downward cushioning, Variflex caps shatter on impact after only months of UV exposure.
  • Patent pending vinyl sleeves prevent pole foam from disintegrating in the sun; JumpKing, Hedstrom, and Variflex pole foam is unprotected.
  • Patented shock-absorbing padded steel poles flex on impact.
  • Patented Games encourage safer play activities, build athleticism, and improve learning: Game & Party Pak, Basketball Set, Big-Top™ Tent and our new patent pending Hoppy Balls.


Frame Size 14' Diameter × 35" tall
Frame Build 1.75" diameter, pre-galvanized steel
1.5 mm thick walls
Frame Finish Dark Blue Textured Powdercoat
Frame/Spring Pad Pad: 13.75" × 1" thick, tapering to 0.5" - Expanded PE, closed-cell foam. Shell: 21 oz reinforced PVC, water & UV resistant.
Jumping Surface High-Tensile, UV, Permatron
Spring Type 8.5" Pro-Stretch Springs™ High-Performance Zinc-Plated Steel
Number of Springs 96
Bounce Technology Exclusive StagedBounce Technology,
Plus 56 Adjustable PowerBounce Assemblies
Safety Enclosure Highest Quality Unitized System
Enclosure Poles 8 Steel Poles, 7' Tall, Galvanized inside & out, Powdercoated, Padding is UV protected with vinyl sleeves
Enclosure Impact Strength 295 lb
User Weight Rating 240 lb*
PowerBounce Option Includes 56 Additional Springs + Adjustable PowerBounce Assemblies
Increases the weight rating to 350 lb

*(Real world testing to a combined weight of over 800 lb!)

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Warranty Information
  • Steel Frame and Poles – 10 years (prorated)
  • Springs – 5 years
  • Jumping Mat Fabric – 5 years
  • Mat Stitching/Strapping – 2 years
  • Trampoline Pad – 1 year
  • Safety Enclosure – 1 year
  • All Other Components – 1 year
  • Check out our 5 year Fail-Safe Guarantee