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JumpSport SkyBounce ES 14' Trampoline with Enclosure

JumpSport SkyBounce ES 14' Trampoline with Enclosure


The JumpSport SkyBounce ES Trampoline upgrades the SkyBounce Trampoline by adding our award-winning woven net safety enclosure with overlapping entry and increases the spring diameter for a smoother bounce your jumper will love!

  • Wider diameter springs provide a smoother bounce for all ages
  • Tall frame for deep, smooth bounce
  • Permatron® Mat fabric made in the USA
  • Frame/spring pad: EPE closed-cell foam with strong PVC, UV resistant covering


  • Woven net: Increased strength and durability compared to mesh nets
  • Patented Overlapping Entry: There's nothing to open or close, just slip through the overlap and you're in!
  • Enclosure poles covered with UV protected foam.
  • Not compatible with ProFlex basketball set
  • Patented Games encourage safer play activities, build athleticism, and improve learning: Game & Party Pak, Big-Top™ Tent and our patent pending Hoppy Balls.

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