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Power DoubleBounce 14' Trampoline with Enclosure

Power DoubleBounce 14' Trampoline with Enclosure
  • Give the kids the extra bounce they crave with the safety you expect.
  • The double mat and power springs create the ultimate in shock absorption and bounce performance.
  • The best warranties available backed by 20 years of trampoline experience.
  • Our new safety enclosure is easier to install and comes with a pre-sown “UnForgettable” door, giving parents peace of mind with a sleek new look.

Power DoubleBounce™ 14' Trampoline with Enclosure and Integrated AirShock™ Safety Technology

The same bounce you have come to know and love from AlleyOOP® with a NEW net design. Our nets now have a square orientation for a cleaner look. With the new pre-sewn in doorway install is easier and done right every time! With the tighter design, we have been able to decrease maintenance costs while increasing overall strength!

Double the Safety, Double the Fun!! Our Revolutionary DoubleBounce trampoline sets the standard for backyard safety, quality, and fun. Now, you can have DoubleBounce safety and PowerBounce™ performance – designed to take you to new heights! Our state-of-the-art PowerBounce technology is the first and only system that can be configured to improve both the bounce performance and the shock-absorption of the jumping surfaces.

Although both of our DoubleBounce models can be tuned for different age, weight, and skill levels, the addition of the PowerBounce system improves customization and broadens the performance spectrum so that jumpers with a wider range of weights and skill levels can safely enjoy the same set up. Of course, our DoubleBounce PowerBounce offers nearly twice as many customizable options as our single-bed systems and when it comes to safety, nothing can compare to the Airshock Safety Zone created by our patented double-decker, two-bed system. Compare AlleyOOP to the rest!

The heart of the PowerBounce system is our patented TripleStage-DualSpring™ assembly. Each assembly consists of two High-Performance springs mounted on our PowerArm™ fitting. The upper, Primary Spring locks the PowerArm to the V-ring, while the lower, PowerSpring™ attaches to one of the PowerArm’s three stages—the top, middle, or bottom setting.

Soar to new levels! The PowerArm linkages work like levers as the PowerSprings stretch, and this significantly improves the bounce performance. The bottom setting provides the best combination of shock absorption and performance because it super-stages the springs.

Combine all this with the added benefits of our DoubleBounce Safety Technology — and you have the finest backyard trampoline available.

(Basketball set, GamePak, Tent, and other accessories sold separately.)

Compare AlleyOOP to the rest

AlleyOOP Sports Power DoubleBounce Features

  • DoubleBounce System is 50% More Forgiving Than Ordinary Trampolines
  • Integrated AirShock Safety Technology Helps to Reduce Risk with Multiple Jumpers
  • PowerBounce Technology delivers more springs for an even better bounce
  • Adjustable Bounce Performance (system can be optimized as your family grows)
  • Frame Pad is Thick, Forest Green, and made up of gym-quality crosslinked PE, closed cell foam with a reinforced, 21-ounce PVC outer covering
  • Heavy-Duty frame is made from pre-galvanized steel that is 1.9" in diameter
  • Deep Forest Green Powder Coating - Blends Beautifully with Landscaping
  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

14' Power DoubleBounce

    Frame Size: 14' Diameter × 40" Tall
  • Frame Build: Double rail, super strong 2" diameter, pre-galvanized steel top rail, 2 mm wall thickness
  • Frame Finish: Forest Green Textured Powder Coating
  • Frame/Spring Pad: Foam: 14" × 1" thick, high-density, crosslinked PE, closed-cell foam; Shell: 21 oz reinforced PVC, water- & UV-resistant
  • Jumping Surface: High-Tensile, UV-resistant, Permatron, 10 Rows of Stitching
  • Spring Type: 8.5" Extra-Stretch™ High-Performance Zinc-Plated Steel
  • Number Of Springs: 192 (128 + 64 PowerSprings)
  • Bounce Technology: Single-Bed Asynchronous VariableBounce™ Technology + DoubleBounce AirShock™ Technology Helps to Reduce Risk with Multiple Jumpers
  • Safety Enclosure: Highest Quality Unitized System with Wide Aperture Net for Safer Play
  • Enclosure Poles:
  • Enclosure Impact Strength: 295 lb
  • User Weight Rating: 300 lb


Warranty Information
  • Steel Frame and Poles – Lifetime
  • Jumping Surface (Mat) – 10 years
  • Safety Enclosure Net – 10 years
  • Springs – 5 years
  • Frame Pad – 2 years
  • All Other Components – 1 year