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Enhance Your Workout

Improve balance, core engagement and stability with our fitness accessories. Designed for safety and fun!

Plyofit + 3 Pound Ball Weight

Transform your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline into the world's first lightweight, quiet, and portable plyometric rebounder training system. Compatible with both 39” and 44” arched legged trampolines, the robust design can handle weighted toning ball cross-training exercise and is even stable enough to jump into. The included JumpSport Soft Weight Toning Ball, which is a safer alternative to traditional dumbbells or solid weights, provides more versatility for strength training and rehab exercises.

Benefits: Enhance Your Bounce

  • Enables unique maneuvers to target core and upper-body muscles
  • Perfect for sports-specific performance training
  • Strong enough for full bodyweight exercises
  • Super-stable, yet lightweight and portable
  • Quiet and smooth rebound

Handle Bar

JumpSport Fitness Handle Bars offer stability, security, and versatility to any trampoline exercise. With bolt-on or quick-release options, you can easily choose a handle that’s best for your workout.

Benefits: Enhance Your Stability

  • Increases safety and helps build your confidence
  • Robust design allows for full bodyweight exercises like pull-ups
  • Allows for barre workouts to be done on the trampoline
  • Adjustable height for short or tall users
  • Quick-Release option for easy workout transitions

Resistance Bands

JumpSport Resistance Bands add an extra layer of muscle toning to your trampoline workout. These bands help improve your control through strengthening your core, improving posture, and boosting stamina, all while bouncing.

Benefits: Enhance Your Control

  • Excellent for strength training, physical therapy, Pilates, and more
  • Sculpt and tone your upper-body and core, especially while bouncing
  • Extra-long and extra wide: 78.75 in x 6 in
  • Premium latex material stretches 3x its original length
  • Use in conjunction with the frame for controlled and dynamic exercises

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