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JumpSport Fitness Training Course — Costa Mesa, CA, June 22 & 23, 2019

JumpSport Fitness Training Course — Costa Mesa, CA, June 22 & 23, 2019
Training Courses

Hosted by Bounce Society

Day 1 — JumpSport Fitness Fundamentals (6hrs)

June 22, 2019 — Limited Space

The JumpSport Fitness Fundamentals training course provides fitness instructors and trainers with the information and practical experience to safely and effectively teach and train on the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. Participants will jump, bounce, sweat,and smile the entire workout.

Fundamentals will provide attendees with education to take their instructing and personal training to the next level. Not only have advancements in technology made the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline top in its class, it is backed by a team of fitness professionals dedicated to education and results.

Fundamentals is designed to cover all the essentials to effectively instruct in both small and large group fitness settings or train clients one-on-one. Taught with a focus on practical and written material, attendees will leave with confidence to immediately apply the information.

Course Components

  • Overview, History and Background of the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline
  • Features of the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline
  • Health and Fitness Benefits including Gravitational Pull, Lymphatic Drainage, Plyometric Training and more
  • Instructing Fundamentals – Posture, Bounce Technique, and an Exercise Catalogue
  • Programming and Planning for Success
  • Managing Exercise Intensity
  • Workout Management – Instructing Tips, Intensity, Gear, Safe Practices
  • Active Workout and Training Application
  • Sample Workout

Day 2 – Modules (8hrs)

June 23, 2019 — Limited Space

The JumpSport Fitness Modules are designed as stand-alone training programs or to work in conjunction with the Fundamentals course. Each module provides fitness instructors and trainers with fitness trampoline education and practical experience at a more advanced level, focusing on a topic area of interest.

Included Modules

JumpSport Plyometrics
The benefits of correctly applied plyometric training are well-documented. Often trainers shy away from this training technique as they believe it may be too difficult or advanced for their group. In this module, review the correct application of plyometric training and how to effectively use both the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline and PlyoFit Kit as a training tool of choice. With the addition of plyoballs and medicine balls, trainers will leave with a toolbox of plyometric training ideas that can be used one-on-one or in small groups. The module covers the physiology and background behind plyometric training, proper progression, successful application and a complete exercise catalogue for use on the trampoline and trampoline with plyofit attachment. The perfect addition to any training session that takes a trainer beyond the basics.

JumpSport Small Group Training
Small group training is a consistently growing fitness programming trend. Personal trainers are drawn to it because of its many benefits. Because working with more than one client at a time requires unique talents, an understanding of group dynamics and expertise, one-on-one trainers need to develop new skills in order to be effective in small group settings. This module will help the fitness professional gain the proficiencies and requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to get clients moving, keep them motivated, increase program compliance and adherence. In addition, review the benefits, effective cueing techniques, personality management, and training systems necessary to effectively lead small groups. Leave with a toolbox of training ideas as well as familiarity, awareness, and understanding of small group dynamics that can be implemented immediately in order to create exciting, effective and motivating small group sessions.

JumpSport Sports Performance
Give athletic training a new twist. Simulate true sport-specific training utilizing your own body weight, the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, and the PlyoFit Adapter Kit. Great for all fitness levels and abilities. Explore the concept of circuit training and metabolically enhance your training arsenal with new drills and skills emphasizing balance, explosive power, speed, agility, dynamic range of motion, and reactive neuromuscular response. Learn new sport specific sequences that are multi-planar, core based and fun — a time efficient technique that guarantees results and revives you with fresh, new ideas, sure to enhance your student’s or small group training clients sports training regimes. Put on your best game face and give your fee based programming a BOOST.


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