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What is your privacy policy?

You'd be hard pressed to find a company that values your personal privacy more than JumpSport does. Our policy summary is simple: We will not sell, rent or distribute your name, email address or any other identifiable information to any third party.  See the full details of the terms of our Privacy Policy here.

Why do I need to provide my email address when I check out?

The email address you provide during checkout is only used to send you an email confirmation with your order details. In some cases, we will email a customer if there is a problem with their order (e.g., problem with credit card, item suddenly becomes back-ordered, etc.). Your email address may also be used to provide you with annual care and maintenance tips, product updates, new releases, and the like.

Is your site secure? How is my credit card protected?

Protecting your personal information is very important to us. For this reason, JumpSport uses advanced encryption and firewall protection:

  • The checkout and confirmation areas are secured using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, ensuring that your credit card number and personal data are never sent over the Internet without encryption.
  • has also obtained a digital certificate from Norton, a leading provider of Internet trust services. This certificate guarantees that your personal information is being transmitted in secure (encrypted) form to a Web server, not to some unknown or unauthorized server. Your personal information is never stored on the internet.
  • To prevent unauthorized use, your full credit card number is never displayed on our site.

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