What Makes a Quality Safe Trampoline? By Pros

Jan 18th 2017

Father bouncing his child on a trampoline

Forget the fabulous accessories—start with a trusted trampoline for endless fun

Buying a trampoline is a big deal. There are a lot of options to choose from—different sizes, brands, and accessories make the decision seem impossible. But not so fast! Choosing your trampoline is a lot easier than it sounds when you know what you’re looking for regarding safety features. After all, trampoline safety is a pretty important factor.

The first thing we’d like to point out is that there are two significant, but different points being analyzed here. What makes a safe trampoline, and what makes a good trampoline. It’s important to note that, although the two are not mutually exclusive, they are highly related. After all, is it really that good if it’s not safe?

But let’s assume that all trampolines are equally as safe as one another (they’re not—but that’s not the point of this exercise, is it?). If that were the case, the standard for what makes a good trampoline would go well beyond safety alone. A good trampoline should be one that does the job and does it well, meaning it’s fun and safe!

How do you know you’ve got a good one on your hands? Here are a few signs we always like to look out for:

It should be manufactured and constructed with top quality pieces. It should look good. Think about it: a trampoline is both a big investment and a big piece of valuable real estate on your property. Make sure to invest in one that looks great. Finally, it should be fun. What good is a good trampoline if it isn’t fun? That’s the whole point!

Sure, it can be a great place to enjoy exercise, but most people invest in a backyard trampoline to enjoy a fun and exciting new activity.

Then, comes safety. What features will you find in a safer trampoline?

It’s no secret that trampoline safety is important. If not well maintained and if not properly set up, trampolines can pose a hazard risk. However, when a trampoline is maintained, built properly, and children are monitored, we believe it’s a much safer option for the next play day. Those looking for a safer trampoline option have got to look out for the following:

  • Anything that is rust-resistant is a huge plus, as rust can weaken metal and putting jumpers at risk.
  • Additionally, a trampoline should be paired with a safety net manufactured specifically for it. Playing the guessing game and simply hoping that a new will fit is a recipe for disaster. The whole idea of the net is to keep our little ones safely bouncing inside of the trampoline instead of losing their balance and falling off.
  • Safety testing is another way to ensure a trampoline is safe. By the way, Jumpsport invented the safety net—we’ve always put safety first.

Jumping your way to safe fun:

Whether you’re looking for a great way to exercise, a new activity, or fun a way to add some extra pep in your step each day, we’ve got you covered with quality, safe outdoor trampolines. Check out our selection today!

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