Turn Your Trampoline into an Outdoor Tent!

Nov 23rd 2016

A traditional campsite is not required for a trampoline tent

Endless fun doesn’t have to be just under the sun

Most kids love camping. It’s an opportunity to get outdoors and stay out there. And there are a lot of fun and safe ways to camp with kids that won’t lead to too many meltdowns, bug bites, or animal encounters. Because setting up camp at the end of a long day is bound to lead to a little crankiness every now and then, we want your campers to have as smooth of a night under the stars as possible.

Want to get the kids outdoors without being too far from home and needing to pull out the camper? Here’s how you can let the kids have a night outside at their leisure in your own backyard:

Find the right outdoor tent topper

Camping on the trampoline is a pretty cool idea. Kids get the chance to spend a night together under the stars—but they’re high enough off the ground that they’re not as scared sleeping outside for the first (or hundredth) time. And it’s a great idea during the summer because the mesh nature of a trampoline allows for airflow on the hottest camping nights. But how do you turn your trampoline into a campground?

If you’re thinking about turning your trampoline into a tent, you can’t go with just any tent topper. Instead, you need to find a tent that is designed to hook up to your trampoline, like our BigTop Trampoline Tent.

Benefits of backyard camping

One of the greatest benefits to backyard camping is that you’ll always know exactly where your kids are—and their friends’ parents will know, too.

Plus, if anyone forgot anything important like toothpaste, a pillow, or an extra blanket, the kids can pop inside to get extras.

Another positive benefit is that they’re not too far from civilization. That means they’ll have access to all the facilities. The kids can come inside at any point during the night. They can use the bathroom and real toilet paper without worry. And at the end of the day, they’ll have access to a shower and toiletries you have inside your home. This is especially helpful if the kids like to get a little messy on their camping trips. Hello, cleaner camping!

Another plus is that they can always come inside if they really need to. There are a lot of reasons campers might give up on the great outdoors: maybe they’re scared of sleeping outside; maybe it’s supposed to get extremely hot or cold outside overnight; or maybe the weather decided it’s going to rain during the day they planned to camp outside. When all else fails, the house is always right there waiting for everyone.

Get out there and have the time of your life.

It’s hard to let another moment pass by without getting out into the great outdoors. Thanks to Jumpsport, it’s easier than ever to get the kids outside—even if they’ve got the biggest and baddest video games around. Ready for the real fun? Check out our study trampolines and accessories today.

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