Trampoline Basketball Tournament:  It’s On!

Trampoline Basketball Tournament: It’s On!

Sep 20th 2017

Bring the excitement of the court into your backyard.

The crowd fell to a hush. With the final seconds blazing off the clock…5, 4…the ball sailed through the air…3, 2….a player took flight…and…SLAM! A high-flying alley-oop dunk won the championship! Was that last March, or in the backyard?

While you’ll have to wait for basketball season to start back up to cheer on your favorite team, that doesn’t mean you can’t have even more fun right at home. Basketball and trampolines go together like fun and tournaments, so why not bring them all together for a friendly neighborhood basketball championship?

The key ingredients

Let’s start with the court. You’ll need a trampoline with safety netting to keep the game and players safely inside the field of play.

A trampoline basketball goal just the right shape and size for trampoline play. And, of course, rugged enough to handle some serious dunking.

Uniforms make game day special. They don’t have to be NBA worthy, or even community center worthy for that matter. Team members can even make their own as a pre-tournament activity!

Lastly, and most importantly, you’re going to need enough players to hold a tournament. Luckily, this can be as few as three, but if you can recruit enough, you can even hold a draft!

The big day

It doesn’t actually have to fit into a day. If some players can’t make it, then there’s no reason a tournament can’t be stretched out over a week, or even a month — whatever works for the players will work for the tournament.

You’ll want to keep things at least somewhat organized. Brackets make a great take-home prize for the winner, and, of course, it’ll also be the mast schedule of your tournament. So, whether it be on a chalkboard or poster board, keeping a bracket posted is an excellent way to keep everyone up to date and the fun on track.

Finally, make sure everyone’s clear on safety guidelines and the rules of the game, and play on.

Better than watching

Whether it be slam-dunking, or just bouncing and giggling, trampolines are an excellent way to make kids excited about exercising. Check out our full line of trampolines and accessories and find out why we’re a leader in ‘fun.’