Trampoline Accessories That Will Boost the Fun

Aug 17th 2016

Kids having fun using chalk to draw on a trampoline

Take the party to the next level with these great add-ons!

We all care about our kids being active. We like to see them outdoors, joyfully mixing things up and living healthy and happy lives. Wondering the best way to keep them moving when they’re outside? Knowing what they’re up to and making sure they’re equipped with all the tools they need for a fun and safe experience are the first steps. A trampoline, of course, is a great start. And here a few of our favorite trampoline accessories to take the good time to an even higher level:

1. Safety net

“Safety first!” isn’t just a clichéd catch phrase. As parents, we need to make sure our little ones are really safe and secure when we unleash them on their toys and games. That’s why we highly recommend investing in a strong safety net before letting them hit the trampoline. Ours are tested to rigorous standards to be both sturdy and effective. And there’s nothing more fun than feeling safe enough to really let go and give a trampoline session your all.

2. SunShade trampoline canopy

Another excellent accessory is our new SunShade canopy. Not only will it block your kids from the sun’s strong rays, it also instantly turns their trampoline into a cool and exciting fort. Whether they’re bouncing in the shade, hiding away, or simply camping out, little ones will love their time outside under the SunShade.

3. JumpSport ProFlex trampoline basketball set

Who doesn’t love a good little game of basketball? It’s competitive, exciting, fun, and great exercise. And paired with a trampoline, even the smallest person will be dropping slam dunks like a pro in no time. Not only is it a blast, it’s also a great training tool for the young athlete looking to hone his or her b-ball skills.

4. Bounceboard

The popularity of snowboarding and skateboarding has changed the sporting world over the last few decades. But if you’re like us, you might find it a little nerve wracking to let your youngster do such an adventurous sport without a soft landing ground. A trampoline with a Bounceboard is the perfect compromise. It’s also a great place to practice moves for the more talented boarders and skaters among us.

5. Instant Party Trampoline Fun Pack

Thinking about throwing an exciting backyard party? Well, how about upping the games with the whole shebang of trampoline accessories! From giant bouncing balls and shock cords to sidewalk chalk, this fun-packed game set has enough thrills for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.

We know trampoline fun.

When it comes to investing in the best trampoline accessories, turn to the trampoline experts at JumpSport. Browse our large selection of accessories and attachments for backyard thrills that will get your little ones outside and really moving!