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Why Shop? Swap! Back to School Tips!

Aug 23rd 2012

All around the US, children and their parents, teachers, and mentors are ramping up for the beginning of the 2012/2013  school year.  Some schools, like ours' in south Florida, … read more
Hut Hut, JUMP!

Hut Hut, JUMP!

Sep 20th 2011

As summer comes to a close and autumn just days away, our culture shifts its attention from vacations and beaches to football and pumpkins. Coming from a long line of collegiate coaches and plain ol’ … read more
Shaping Up Your Stamina And Confidence

Shaping Up Your Stamina And Confidence

Jul 25th 2011

For young people still in school, the summer is a time of transformation. Seeing one’s peers on a regular basis affords young people an opportunity to recreate themselves. The new school year gives … read more

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