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Grass-Fed Beef & Vegetarian Hens?

Aug 28th 2012

Every week, I receive an email from SeaBreeze Organic Farms.  This is thee place to get local meats, eggs, cheeses, milks, and more.  Usually the email begins with a “Don’t forget your coole … read more

Why Shop? Swap! Back to School Tips!

Aug 23rd 2012

All around the US, children and their parents, teachers, and mentors are ramping up for the beginning of the 2012/2013  school year.  Some schools, like ours' in south Florida, … read more

Bumps and Bruises? Seek Arnica!

Aug 9th 2012

It’s the time of year where we find ourselves on bikes, navigating tight corners to reach the lawn mower, or getting banged-into at crowded venues.  Later in the day, a black and blue mark emerge … read more
Gluten-Free, Explained!

Gluten-Free, Explained!

Jul 24th 2012

My summer travels have served as muses for this blog.  Last week’s Top 20 was inspired by my time in Seattle and Vancouver.  The exercise program on-the-go was completely selfish as the k … read more
Stay hydrated!

Stay hydrated!

Jun 26th 2012

 Summer is officially here! Drink up to stay hydrated! The sun is beaming on top of the northern hemisphere and it can be brutally hot. For many, this is the time of year when the … read more

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