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Maintaining Your Trampoline All Season Long

Jan 11th 2017

Maintaining Your Trampoline All Season Long on

Don’t let laziness or loopy winter weather take down your trampoline.

It’s that time of year when you’re bound to spend much less time outside than usual. We get it. Who wants to go outside when it’s cold enough to freeze your cup of hot coffee? But just because you’re not going to spend much time outside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain the items you own that live outside all year long—like your big, bouncy, backyard trampoline. Besides, spring is just around the corner, and your kids are going to be out there using that trampoline again in no time.

So what should you be doing to maintain your trampoline in the off season and all year long? Check out these tips to ensure yours stays up to safety regulations and that it lasts for years to come:

First thing’s first: know your trampoline

JumpSport manufactures trampolines that are designed for outdoor use. That means that they’re made from quality materials, which should allow them to make it through harsh weather. And that means that you can afford to leave yours out during the winter and that the kids can use it during any rogue warm weather winter days—or even during cooler winter if they’re feeling brave.

However, we can’t promise all trampolines are made to withstand bad weather—especially those we haven’t manufactured. However, if you want to ensure that your trampoline lasts a little longer, there are some steps you can take.

Just say no to snow

One of the most important things you can do is to remove the heavy snow from your trampoline. If you don’t, you’ll probably notice that your springs will begin sagging. We suggest grabbing a broom and dusting the snow off as it begins to accumulate during a storm. Don’t take a shovel to it, as that can damage the mesh netting jumping surface.

Additionally, make sure you have a safety pad covering the springs. This will help prevent rips, deterioration, and rusting springs.

Taking down your trampoline for the winter

While many trampolines are weather-safe, it’s not a bad idea to store it during the winter. If you’ve got the extra space, we’d suggest breaking down the trampoline and storing it in a dry place such as a garage or shed.

Extra tips:

Leaving your trampoline out during the winter means you should do everything you can to ensure both your trampoline’s safety and the safety of your family. Be sure you never jump on a snowy or icy trampoline. Dry any wet surfaces before jumping—a slippery trampoline can be very dangerous (especially if you don’t have a safety net installed).

Still on the market for a trampoline? Although we are in the middle of winter, there’s never a bad time to invest in one of JumpSport’s many trampoline varieties—including indoor options that will avoid any issues regarding snow. Check out our selections today!