Lose Baby Weight by Bonding With Baby!

Mar 9th 2016

Mother exercising with baby

Hey baby, lookin’ good!

We all know how stubborn baby weight can be and with celebrities hitting the streets with toned bodies just weeks after giving birth, the pressure to look great is higher than ever before. As a mom of two, I know how hard it can be!

After my second boy, I had to get creative quickly. Here are some of the routines I came up with that helped me loose the baby weight while bonding with my boys. Take a look and see if these would work for you!

Keep your workout short but intense

Sometimes, a shorter workout session was best for me because I didn’t have much free time after the baby was born. Sometimes a short walk with the double stroller was all I had time for. To mix things up a little, I used ten pound weights for curls mixed with pushups and sit-ups. In a 15 minute time frame, I did ten curls, each arm, five pushups, five sit-ups, then started all over again and continued until my 15 minutes was up. When it started to get easier, I added two more reps to each exercise. (Ouch!) But it paid off.

Nurse your baby

Did you know that nursing your baby is one of the simplest and most useful ways to reduce your baby weight? I had no idea until my second time around. If you’re able to nurse, here is a great article that helped me understand the ins and outs.

Eat healthy meals made from whole grains and nutritious foods

Tacos are my weakness. After my first son was born, I was so good about staying away from the junk food. But this time, it felt like food trucks were following me everywhere I went! I needed a plan to help me stay focused.

I made a list of healthy foods that I enjoyed (and the family enjoyed) and stuck it on the fridge. On top of the list, I drew a skull and cross-bones and wrote the following in big black letters: NO JUNK FOOD ALLOWED!! (My husband cried with laughter the first time he saw it.)

It worked. Both of us focused on buying and eating nutritious snacks that helped get rid of that baby weight! We focused on fruits and veggies, light foods (pita bread filled with green salad), and heart-healthy nutritious foods like small servings of avocado. We also cut back on refined sugars, white flour, and processed foods. Needless to say, this part of losing baby weight was something we both participated in.

Exercise with your baby — literally

My first birth wasn’t too bad. (I’ve never heard a woman say the birth process was fun but my first was manageable.) But the second? He weighed 12 pounds and sent me into 15 hours of labor. (If love is sometimes torture, I was a shining example.)

He now weighs 20 pounds and has become my #1 “go to” for weight loss because I carry him as often as possible. I’ve burned more calories lifting, carrying, and settling him in than I’ve burned in any other activity.

Most babies usually weigh anywhere from 6 to 23 pounds in the first year making them a perfect “weight” to carry around and get a work out with. Try one of these 18 moves for new moms, keeping your baby close the whole time!

The only downside is his brother gets jealous sometimes so I end up having to lift both of them. That lasts 30 seconds tops!

Make your exercise more fun

When I lift him over head, he laughs. When I poke his belly lightly, he laughs. When he laughs, I laugh. It’s entertaining for both of us. We even gently bounce around on a small mini trampoline and make googly eyes at each other. (Well, I think I make googly eyes at him. His eyes are naturally googly at this point.) All in all, centering my workout routine around him helps me look like I did years before he was born—let’s hope I can keep it up when he’s too big to lift!

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