Fun Trampoline Games to Try This Summer

Aug 10th 2016

Kids having fun with trampoline games

As parents, it’s always a good feeling knowing our kids are outside getting a bit of fresh air and exercise instead of trapping themselves inside with a ton of video games or the internet. In fact, it’s becoming more important than ever to both monitor and motivate physical activity, since today’s kids tend to be in worse shape than we were at their ages.

 In an interview with NPR, Tala Fakhouri from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explained why being active is so important:

 “We know that physical activity in childhood strengthens your bones, increases your muscle mass. It also has effects on psychological well-being in kids and teens. It increases their capacity for learning, their self-esteem and it may also help them deal with stress.”

 With all these developmental benefits, it’s clear to see why getting our children outside and moving is a priority.

 One of the easiest ways to get kids excited about physical exercise is to focus their activity toward a fun game. Our suggestion? For starters, a trampoline, of course. It’s something that really gets the cardio going; something that burns more calories than many regular exercises; and something that’s fundamentally fun.

 With or without games, a trampoline is piece of equipment that the kids will use frequently. But once we add a unique spin or a little competition to the mix, watch out: They’re bound to spend endless hours bouncing around and staying fit.

 Here are a few of our ideas to help motivate the littles to enjoy a summer outside:

1. Survival of the fittest: camping out

 This is a great idea for vivid imaginations. Our littlest little ones love spending early evenings outdoors playing make-believe, thanks to the unique and functional tent attachment for our trampolines. Whether or not they truly spend the night outdoors depends on a lot — the weather, pollen, and if an adult can stay with them — but that doesn’t mean they won’t have fun roasting marshmallows over the fire pit, “camping” on the trampoline, and, of course, jumping a spell before and after set-up.

2. Ultimate tag

 With JumpSport hoppy balls, kids have more fun than ever playing tag. All they need to do is get on the trampoline, hop on a hoppy ball, and bounce around while tagging their friends. It’s a great core workout that promotes strength, cardiovascular health, and having a blast outdoors!

3. Surfing and snowboarding – trampoline style!

 Thanks to the exciting depictions of surfers and snowboarders on TV, a lot of kids dream about riding the waves or the drifts — but it can be hard to get to the beach or the mountains. Instead, we let our kids’ imaginations take over in our own backyard. On a JumpSport bounceboard, they can bounce around in all directions, pretending they’re surfing, practicing snowboard moves, and just enjoying themselves. And you can even set up a team of judges to make it a true competition!

 There are a lot more games where those came from, including our perennial favorite, trampoline basketball. Let your kids explore the unique and exciting world of trampoline games. Still looking for the perfect trampoline? We have plenty to choose from.

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