Basketball on a Trampoline? Absolutely!

Basketball on a Trampoline? Absolutely!

Apr 26th 2017

You’ll never want to go back to the old-fashioned version again

We have quite a sporty family. Give us a ball of any type and we will have fun for hours. With the NBA playoffs underway, you and your kids may be anxiously rooting for your favorite team or perhaps just enjoying all of the amazing athletes at the top of their games. We certainly are! Either way, surely you’re seeing a lot of dazzling action, including some high-flying dunks.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do that? To soar to the basket and slam it home? While few of us will ever be lucky enough to dunk on a regular court, we can still have the experience with the help of a trampoline. No matter how you get to do it, dunking is exhilarating, but that’s just one benefit of playing on a bouncy court. Here are five more reasons you’ll want to change the way you play:

Extra fun

There’s no denying how fun a trampoline is, but a variety of  accessories can make it even more enjoyable. By adding a hoop and ball, now you’ve created your own trampoline basketball court that’s much more fun than the one you might have in your driveway.

A way to encourage more exercise

Bouncing on a trampoline alone is great exercise, but a game adds an interesting element. When players or teams need to reach a certain score to win, there will be even more reason to prolong the action. Participants will be concentrating on the game and not even realizing how much of a workout they’re getting.

A boost in confidence

Some people are just more athletically inclined than others, and often those who aren’t natural born athletes feel left out. But one of the best things about trampoline basketball is that everyone can play, no matter their skill level.

Improved basketball skills

Dunking is just one thing you can do during a trampoline basketball game; there are still several components similar to a regular game. Because of the close quarters, passing needs to be crisp and precise and spacing is important. In addition, a trampoline is an excellent way to get better at off-balance shots.

Enhanced safety

Basketball played on an asphalt or concrete court is generally safe, but there’s always a chance of a hard and painful fall. With a trampoline, that’s never a danger; in fact, falling just adds to the fun. And when a  safety net is included, this just ratchets up the safety level even more.

Now that the weather is heating up, it’s a good time to think about doing more outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a way to get your kids excited to go outside, think about adding a hoop to your trampoline. We have two models to choose from: the  JumpSport ProFlex Trampoline and the AlleyOOP ProFlex Trampoline