5 Yard Games for Your Next Big Birthday Party

Nov 16th 2016

Backyard birthday party games

Make your backyard a birthday paradise for adults and kids alike

Backyard games are a fun and classic way to get everyone together for a great time. Your next birthday blowout is going to be a big deal, thanks to these fun and festive backyard activities. Whether you live in a mild climate, have a sealed-in patio space to use throughout the winter, or you’re saving these ideas for when spring makes its way back in, we’ve got the greatest games that will bring your backyard to life:

1. Ladder ball

Popularized in the past decade, ladder ball has quickly become a family favorite around our place. This toss game is affordable to buy, but easy to make from PVC pipes if you feel like a good DIY project before the big party. The concept is simple enough: you toss a rope that has two rubber spheres attached at each end. The goal is to wrap around one of three prongs on a short ladder. This game is fun and easy for kids and adults to enjoy.

2. Cornhole

Speaking of kids, we all remember the good old days of playing bean bag toss games. Back in the day, these games were all the rage—and now they’re all grown up, just like us! Cornhole is basically the adult version of a bean bag toss. And, just like ladder ball, you can either buy a set or go all out and build your own to really impress your friends!

3. Bocce ball

A classic favorite among Italian families and their friends, bocce ball is a fun ball-toss game that’s suitable for most ages. All you have to do is throw a marker ball out into the yard, and then everyone takes their turns throwing their ball near the marker. The closest team gets the point! Like we said, it’s simple enough for most ages — but you’ll need to keep an eye on the younger kids to make sure they aren’t getting in the way of the balls being thrown, and that they aren’t aiming toward any unknowing bystanders. It’s a pretty hard ball!

4. Ultimate Frisbee

If you’ve got a good crowd and a large enough yard, ultimate Frisbee is, well, the ultimate choice for your backyard birthday party (pun intended). Never heard of it? It’s basically a mix of Frisbee meets soccer, and it’s a great way to get the whole family and all the friends involved in a game together — or, against one another.

5. Trampoline party games

If you’re looking for interactive games that a younger crowd will enjoy, try out a few of these exciting trampoline party games, available from JumpSport. These fun and safe trampoline games are designed to encourage active learning while helping kids develop stamina, balance, coordination, agility, and spatial awareness. The full set includes an illustrated book featuring 20 unique games, 3 squishy balls, 4 shock cords, and sidewalk chalk. Get ready to get the kids excited—they’re going to love it!

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