3 Ways To Reward Your Kid’s Effort In School

Oct 26th 2016

Family working on homework with their child

Because good grades deserve good gifts!

Just like most parents, we find it super enjoyable to be able to reward our kids for a job well done. Whether they’re working extra hard to make varsity, they’re putting in the additional effort to win over that new babysitting job, or they’re putting their all into a challenging history project, we find ourselves fawning over our kids’ accomplishments every now and then—and we think that’s a pretty good thing! As parents, it’s really important to support our children and let them know when they’ve accomplished a job well done. After all, if we don’t tell them, who will?

Ready to show your little ones that you really appreciate the effort they put into an assignment? Wondering how you can support your kids when they come home with a stellar report card? Look no further. We’ve put together a few ideas for rewarding your kids when they go the extra mile:

1. Treat them to a dinner out at their favorite place

Naturally, food is a great way to celebrate a child’s accomplishment (actually, we think a good meal is a great way to celebrate pretty much any special occasion!). And, better yet, it’s a bonding force that draws people of all ages together, making it an amazing and simple way to get more out of your celebration!

We all have a favorite food or top place to eat, and that’s why we like to let our little ones choose every now and then. Go ahead: have a night out at his or her favorite place to celebrate a job well done. That means less cooking, no dishes, and more family time over a great meal! Where’s the bad?

Not feeling dinner out? What about a delicious ice cream party on a Friday night? It’s fun, affordable, and the kids will love it.

2. Take them on a trip

Want to go big when it comes to celebrating an accomplishment? Why not take a congratulatory trip? It’s great incentive to really get the kiddos working hard. And when it comes time to plan the trip, the possibilities are endless.

We often like to take a themed trip. If our kids excel in history, we might take them out to see a historic battleground so they can really start to apply that knowledge and envision it better than ever. And who doesn’t like a family camping trip? That’s another fun way to get everyone working and learning together. Whether it’s a high end vacation or a quick day trip, surprising the little ones can be an exciting way to show them we care about their efforts.

3. Splurge on that gift they’ve been wanting

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of some bigger gifts to show them how proud we truly are. If the little ones have been putting their best foot forward all school year, by the time the holidays roll into town, we always like to splurge a little on that big gift they’ve really been wanting. Surprise them with something fun like that giant backyard trampoline they’ve been wanting, and they’ll be motivated to keep their momentum going all year long!

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