Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary
Mark & Valerie

Dear JumpSport Family,

25 years ago our founder, Mark Publicover invented the first low-cost trampoline safety enclosure. Within a few years millions of parents turned our enclosure into the global standard for safe trampoline play. When our company was founded in 1997, we could hardly foresee the lasting impact we would have protecting millions of kids and parents from needless injuries and heartache, saving billions in medical costs. With over 50 trampoline safety innovations, Mark is recognized as “The Father of Trampoline Safety.”

None of this could’ve happened without the wonderful contributions by our JumpSport family—our team members, dealers, and customers. We cannot thank you all enough for your long-standing support as we celebrate our 25th year in business. Our hearts are filled with gratitude!

Because of our long tradition of creating trampolines rated by our customers as the safest, best performing, highest quality, and longest lasting in the world, we continue to back our products with the longest warranties and best customer service anywhere!

From helping to develop the ASTM standards to reimagining trampoline fitness, we’re honored to be recognized as the standard setter for the industry. As we like to say at JumpSport, “We hug millions of kids, from 2 to 92 years old, every day with our safety!”

Keep bouncing with joy!

Forrest Bless

President, JumpSport, Inc.

25th Anniversary Sales

10'x17' Trampolines

SureStep Trampoline Ladder
W/ Any Full-Sized Trampoline Purchase


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Wellness Trampoline Bundle

10% Off
Wellness Trampoline Bundle
(Model 250, Dry Brush, & 9" Ball)


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“I love JumpSport’s sense of community. I started working here over 15 years ago and have always felt that our small company was a family. I learned that when your workplace feels like home, your sense of community and commitment translates into the interactions you have with customers. It has allowed us to grow, foster, and perpetuate those values worldwide.”

Megan, JumpSport Employee

“We love selling AlleyOOP Trampolines! In 50 years of selling backyard products, this is the greatest product I’ve ever sold—it’s so good, it sells itself. Families can’t help but recommend it to their friends. The company always delivers on its promises and has excellent customer service.”

Stan, Dealer in Chicago

“Our workout method, Fit 7/8, would not be possible without the JumpSport Fitness Trampolines. With it, we are able to challenge both mind and body through fun, safe, and highly effective exercise routines. All of my studio locations love them!”

Andrea, Studio Owner in Mexico

Customer Testimonial

After 20 Years, Our Trampoline Is Still Going Strong

Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary

We reassembled the trampoline in our daughter’s back yard for our young grandsons and rebuilt it with all the parts you so kindly and patiently helped us secure and we literally have a 20 year old trampoline that looks and performs like new. We are all thrilled!! This is an example of the amazing quality of the JumpSport trampolines and the incredible support I received from everyone at JumpSport who helped and advised us on purchasing the items needed for a remarkable before and after restoration.

All we can say is WOW!!! Any other company’s trampoline would be in the city dump after 2 decades in the weather…but not JumpSport!! Truly amazing!!! Thank you again for spending time with me on the phone insuring we purchased the proper items needed to give our trampoline new life and years more fun for another generation of our family!! Hats off to the entire JumpSport family!!

Valued AlleyOOP Customer, New Jersey

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Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary
Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary
Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary
Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary
Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary
Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary
Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary
Celebrating JumpSport's 25th Anniversary