Top 3 Reasons to Get a JumpSport or AlleyOOP Trampoline System

What makes JumpSport Trampoline Trampolines different and the only one to buy? We built our trampoline and enclosure systems to protect our own kids in the least expensive way possible for safety that lasts a lifetime. We also took into consideration the environmental impact of shipping and replacing parts every year when choosing our quality materials.

Need more?
Here are the top 3 reasons to buy a quality trampoline & enclosure:


1. We invented the safety enclosure.

The quality long lasting UV resistant netting, patented triple-safe net design engineered with your kid’s safety in mind, & “unforgettable doorway” makes for an enclosure that saves you money year over year. A safety net prevents falloffs, hitting frame and springs. These types of injuries represent about 50% of all injuries and depending on the study between 60% & 80% of the serious injuries. A quality net prevents the jumper from falling off.  It should not easily collapse so you won’t impact the frame.  It should hold the pads over the springs or be installed to the jumping surface in a manner that prevents landing on the springs.  The actual net needs to be strong enough to handle heavy impacts.  It also needs to have UV protection.  Thicker nets last longer than thin nets because the outer strands protect the inner strands from destructive UV rays. Our nets allow kids to spread out to avoid collisions and let them sit on pad to take time out during play. In addition we are the only trampoline company that has a net that lasts as long as its mat.


2. We re-invented bouncing.

After Mark’s revolutionary enclosure, he moved on to create the safest bouncing surfaces with the StagedBounce/VariableBounce, the option for the PowerBounce upgrade and, finally, our signature trampoline the DoubleBounce. The StagedBounce and VariableBounce both have alternating size v-rings all around the trampolines making the springs engage at different times so young bodies do not have the impact of all the springs at once at the same time increasing the bounce. The PowerBounce springs are a second set of springs that are below the mat and engage when a user is 100lbs or more giving them a higher yet stable bounce. In addition, the extra set of springs gives the trampoline itself a higher weight limit. The best of both worlds with a more controlled bounce that’s higher! Finally, we have the DoubleBounce. This unique trampoline has two mats that are 6” apart, creating an air cushion when kids are bouncing—giving them more control over their young bodies and helps stop them from bouncing into each other. We have also added our high performance 10” springs to this trampoline, making it bounce higher yet softer so it doesn’t have any of the impact on the body.


3. Highest play value around.

With a safety net, kids far more often engage in games and activities that are much lower risk, than without one.   When kids have games with safe rules, they tend to be self-enforcing.  Examples of games are seen in JumpSport #1 selling Trampoline Basketball Hoop or the Game and Party Pak.  The use of a basketball backboard is a great example of kids self enforcing safe rules.  JumpSport pioneered the games and accessories that dramatically change the way kids play on trampolines today and has resulted in a significant decrease in serious injuries from unsafe games.