Second of five patents pending issued today

SARATOGA, Calif.— July 17, 2001 — JumpSport, the trampoline safety company, has been awarded US patent no. 6261207, covering features of its trampoline safety enclosure marketed under the name JumpCourt. The patent is the second patent received by JumpSport for the JumpCourt invention and it expands the claims covered under the first patent, no. 6053845, awarded last year. The first patent describes a net enclosure system that surrounds a trampoline for the purpose of preventing users from falling off and the second patent, issued today, covers 20 additional claims beyond the first patent for design elements such as JumpCourt’s unique method of attaching the safety enclosure system to the trampoline frame.

"The patents we've received demonstrate our commitment to trampoline safety and separate us from our competitors," said Mark Publicover, JumpSport CEO. "JumpSport products are the strongest and safest in the industry and we are pleased and proud that they have prevented thousands of accidents and protected thousands of kids. JumpSport was founded to be a trampoline safety company and our patented products are all designed with safety as the first priority."

In addition to the two patents already received, JumpSport has three patents pending. In total, the patents and patents-pending cover more than 25 safety innovations that address leading causes of trampoline injury for the purpose of eliminating them.

About JumpSport
JumpSport is the leading provider of trampoline safety net enclosures and safety-engineered trampolines. Founded in 1997 when CEO Mark Publicover invented and patented the world’s first trampoline safety net enclosure, JumpSport today has incorporated into its products more than 25 safety innovations, based on five patents/patents-pending, that are designed to help eliminate the causes of trampoline injury. JumpSport lets families and kids enjoy the great health and fitness benefits of trampoline exercise with the assurance of knowing they are using the industry’s safest trampolines. www.jumpsport.com

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