More Trampoline Games for your Jump2it GameMat

BEFORE YOU PLAY Game Instructions: The games included in this book can be played by children (ages 6+) and adults. Make sure you carefully read and understand the game instructions before playing the game. The Adult Supervisor should make sure the skill level of each player is appropriate to the game being played. Each game has it's own page describing how to play the game.

  • Decide which variation to play based on the age of the players. Make sure everyone knows the rules.

  • Make sure there is a JUDGE watching the JUMPER on the trampoline at all times.

  • All participants (players, judges, and supervisors) should read, understand, and follow the safety rules printed on the inside front cover of this game book.

SAFETY NOTE: The Jump2it GameMat is designed for trampolines that are equiped with our #1 Rated Safety Enclosures! Ages 6-Adult