Inventors Alliance Meeting Offers Dynamic Speaker

Number: 305
Subject: October IA Meeting
From: M. Regan On: October 15, 1999 at 11:00:20:
Speaker: Mark Publicover President/CEO, JumpSport, Inc.
Date/Time: 10/23/99 10:00 a.m.
Location: Santa Clara University/Bannan Hall
Topic: Techniques for Success

Come along with IA on the 23rd for an enlightening day as you experience first hand Mark Publicovers own techniques for success. Mark will talk about building JumpSport, Inc. from his original concept to today’s company of successful products. You may want to visit Mark's web site at http// then arrive at the meeting prepared for an education in innovation.

Mark Publicover is a fourth-generation inventor and entrepreneur. His early business experience included founding American Builders & Craftsman Inc., a successful professional homebuilding and commercial construction firm. As an innovator, Publicover has numerous pending patents ranging from low tech consumer products to high tech distribution and E-commerce systems.

After seeing his own children and friends fall off trampolines, Publicover invented a safety enclosure system that easily installs on nearly all round, backyard trampolines. Perceiving a larger need for this product, he investigated the backyard trampoline market and was astounded to discover that over 500,000 new trampolines are sold to homeowners in the U.S. each year, adding to the nearly 3 million already in use. Further research showed that each year there are nearly 100,000 trampoline-related injuries, and that 60% to 80% of them could be prevented by the use of safety enclosures.

In February 1997 Publicover founded JumpSport, Inc., to develop and market the JumpCourt™ trampoline and safety enclosure along with a line of fitness and game accessories. Publicover's products quickly captured the attention of major retailers and the industry. The JumpCourt™ enclosure was voted among the top five sporting goods products for 1998 and is currently being sold at Sears, Costco, BJ's Wholesale, Fred Meyers, along with many specialty and discount retailers both foreign and domestic.*

As the CEO and President of JumpSport, Publicover has successfully attracted funding from the Silicon Valley Band of Angels, orchestrated an effective brand-building and national advertising campaign to generate consumer demand and build retail distribution, established manufacturing sources in Asia, spearheaded R&D efforts that have improved and expanded JumpSport's product line, leveraged its current retail channels, and won strong patent protection for the JumpCourt, giving JumpSport significant cost and distribution advantages over the competition.

Mr. Publicover majored in Economics at the University of California at Davis, and lives in Saratoga, California.