Club Fitness Benefits

Circuit Training for Strength

Circuit training for strength on a fitness trampoline can add another dimension to your fitness routine. Combine all your current favorite exercises like TRX, Free-weights, interval training, resistance bands, dance circuit (like Zumba), walking or running, all on a mini-trampoline. A circuit is a series of cardio and strength exercises which are repeated in sets with typically no rest in between. Each ‘set’ is short enough that you can rotate in multiple exercises into one workout.

How can I use my JumpSport Fitness trampoline during circuit training for strength?

Rebounding has several benefits which are obtained through the up and down motion of bouncing. Your mind and body are fighting gravity while working muscle groups that aren’t typically engaged with ground or mat exercises. The Circuit Training for Strength videos by JumpSport master trainer Abbie Appel teaches us to target these key muscle groups and make them stronger which will aid in burning fat and improving our balance.

Abbie Appel has combined equal amounts of cardio and muscle targeting in the circuit training for strength videos. Did you know cardio and strength moves can burn up to 10 calories a minute and will target fat and muscle more quickly than your average workout? By adding the element of jumping on a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, you are able to increase intensity for a successful workout that will be high energy, low impact, fast blasting, and time saving.

Note: Tabata Interval Training is an intense workout. It is something to work up to so if you are just starting out, pace yourself accordingly… and have fun!

Use a Stopwatch App for circuit training exercises!

Circuit Training Videos

Circuit training- Stationary Cardio and Strength- You’ll need rubber resistance tubing for this strength training workout.

Workout more with Abbie with our circuit training for strength videos!

Circuit training- Cardio and Lower Body Strength: Sagittal Plane- You’ll need rubber resistance tubing for this strength training workout.

Circuit training- Cardio and Lower Body Strength: Frontal Plane- Move side to side for lateral movements to target your hips and obliques.

Circuit training- Cardio and Lower Body Strength: Tranverse Plane- Rotational movements to mimic our daily movement and strengthen muscles.

Strength & Stability Workout

Strength & Stability- Lower and Upper Body: with the Exercise Ball. Use the stability of the JumpSport fitness trampoline frame while standing on the jumping surface.
For more fat blasting exercises with Abbie, check out our Tabata Interval training video series.