Quality Trampoline Safety Enclosures

What makes a good trampoline safety enclosure?

A trampoline safety enclosure is a must have. In the decade since trampoline safety enclosures have been available in the market, the trampoline injury rate has steadily declined. Today, 90 percent of new trampolines are sold with safety enclosures, showing that they have become an accepted and required safety precaution, just like bike helmets and seat belts.

As a responsible parent, it is important to know how to buy a trampoline safety enclosure and what technology and features are present in the best ones. The best trampoline safety enclosures are engineered for safety—they are structurally sound, durable, and provide safety features specifically designed with kids in mind.

What makes a good trampoline safety enclosure? Here are four things to look for:

  • Make sure the net system wraps outside the supporting poles
  • Not only does the safety enclosure have to be sturdy enough to withstand the impact of a jumper, the trampoline itself has to be heavy and stable enough to stay put. Light weight or unstable trampolines can topple over when a jumper lands into the net. Having wide spaced W shaped legs adds stability to the trampoline. Also, using high quality, heave gauge steel, makes the trampoline weigh more and stay put better.

  • Make sure the net is attached to the poles securely

  • JumpSport's Triple-Fail-Safe Suspension System attaches the net securely to the poles and provides added protection to jumpers at each pole location. This design aids in gently re-directing jumpers back to the center of the trampoline whenever they impact the net.

  • First, a heavy-duty strap with over 1500 lbs/inch of burst strength weaves through the top of the netting.
  • Second, the net wraps around the outside of the poles.
  • Finally, the net is secured to each pole using interwoven shock cords held in place by a high strength strap.
  • JumpSport's Triple-Fail-Safe Suspension System decreases the likelihood of contact with the springs or the frame pad, and keeps jumpers safely inside.
  • Make sure the enclosure has an overlapping doorway.
  • It's a fact of life that kids forget to close doors, so it is very important that your trampoline safety enclosure always remains closed so kids can't possibly fall out. JumpSport's Un-Forgettable™ Doorway is designed with this in mind and its overlapping doorway can never be left undone. JumpSport's unique design allows for easy, safe entry and exit, but does not require kids to Velcro, zip or button anything.

    JumpSport is the most experienced and knowledgeable manufacturer of trampoline safety nets in the world today. As the inventor of the trampoline safety net and owner of the original patent that heralded its entrance to the market in 1997, JumpSport can claim a unique expertise. In the ten years since its first trampoline safety enclosure became available, JumpSport has continually improved, refined, and strengthened its design, setting a standard that has not been matched.